Davison Relationship Chart in Astrology

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The Davison Relationship Chart looks much like an ordinary Astrological chart, but is different in both process and purpose. This chart can be created to provide insight into a relationship rather than a single person. When accurately charted and properly examined, it can reveal the main themes of any interpersonal relationship. Used primarily for couples, it can also be used to illuminate relationships within a larger group provided that all the necessary information for each member if the group is available. Originally introduced by Ronald C. Davison, this chart is created using natal date, time and terrestrial coordinates midway between the date, time and coordinates of the two individuals birth. Precision is important in returning the most accurate relationship chart.

Creating The Chart

  • Find the mid-point between the natal dates for each individual.
  • Note the mid-point between the time of birth for each individual
  • Calculate the mid-point between the two locations by averaging longitude and latitude.
  • Identify the mid-point of important planets in each individual’s chart (i.e. Venus/Mars, Sun/Moon)

The resulting horoscope, now the chart of the relationship, is interpreted using the usual methods, calculating solar charts, the effects of transits and progressions.

Examining the Relationship Chart can shed light on the things which brought these two individuals together, the experiences they will share and the aspects which will be most important throughout the relationship. It can contain warnings for certain challenging areas and provide insight into the relationship’s trajectory. In many ways, this chart reveals the internal aspects of the relationship, its strengths and weaknesses as well as the overall dynamic. Some interpretations assign the role of the Ascendant to the older person in the couple and the Descendant to the younger one. However, it is important to keep in mind that this chart is specific to the relationship and should be viewed as separate from but related to the personal charts of each individual.

Davison vs. Composite: The Davison Relationship Chart should not be confused with the Composite Chart, which is constructed by using the midpoints of each zodiac aspect in the individual charts of the couple. The results of these two charts may seem similar when the individuals are near the same age and from the same geographical location, however they can be quite different when there is an age gap or larger birthplace difference. Some people choose to work exclusively with the Davison chart or the Composite chart, but most agree that each has its own strengths and provides valuable insight.

Embarrassing confession: I have a friend whose last name is Davidson and I have been erroneously calling this a Davidson Relationship chart for years!

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