5 Spiritual / Pagan Blogs You Must Subscribe to (Besides Mine)

Spiritual and pagan blogs are plentiful but generally lack consistency or longevity–more on that in an upcoming post about a survey I conducted this month.  I’m a bit envious of bloggers who are able to find a very focused niche and stick with it.  I may be both prolific in my writings and in it for the long-haul, but I’ve never been able to skinny my interests down to just one aspect, and even having 4 or 5 different blogs was not satisfactory for me as I kept overlapping these facets of the sacred path.  Hence, most of my mind-body-spirit work is now covered at The Spiritual Eclectic, whether it’s religion, health, energy work, empathy, astrology, writing, or wherever Spirit leads me.

We as spiritual beings are now seeking something deeper than our religions and/or spiritualities have provided thus far.  The Internet has allowed us to seek and find a broader perspective on spirituality that we’d would not otherwise have been exposed to, but now it’s time to experiment and explore rather than simply note “what else is out there.”  This is what I call eclectic spirituality.

At this point in our spiritual progression, we already have access to thousands and thousands of websites and pagan blogs that  will teach you how to cast a circle,  astrological correspondences,   the basic meaning of totems and rocks, etc.  But how do you expand on that?

Here are the 5 spiritual and pagan blogs that I read every single day and that help me to stretch and grow spiritually:

Spiritual/ Pagan Blogs #1 – The Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt Pagan Blog

If you read no other pagan blog, make it The Wild Hunt – A Modern Pagan Perspective.  The brain-child of Jason Pitzl-Waters, this blog keeps me up-to-date on the big-picture of the pagan community, alternative religions, and how we we all do or do not play together.  News stories highlight paganism in politics, in schools, in the media, in business, with thought-provoking analysis of the situation.  As someone who does not use her journalism degree due to general disgust with the media, one thing I very much appreciate about Jason is his attempts to be objective in his reporting and analysis, without getting caught up in the drama, sensationalism, or revenue-driven manipulation of so-called journalists of this decade.    He does try to present both sides of the story, and he doesn’t shy away from reporting on negative actions of pagans–all good to know so we can be informed when a co-worker asks about a sensationalized story reported by the mainstream media.

Spiritual / Pagan Blogs #2 – Intentional Insights

Soul Intent Arts Pagan Blog

I’ve known North Carolina shaman S. Kelley Harrell of the Intentional Insights: Q&A From Within blog for almost a decade from when we first worked together.  Over the years, Kelley has become my friend and someone I admire.  I’ve watched her grow in her practice, become a mother, expand her literary body of work, transition from being an abuse survivor to being a healing guide for others, and witness how she sees the world through the lens of a shaman.  She is incredibly aware.  This blog allows the reader to ask questions and receive in-depth answers from a neo-shamanic perspective.  Her newest book , Real Wyrd – A Modern Shaman’s Roots in the Middle World, is a collection of just such encounters.

Spiritual / Pagan Blogs #3 – The Juggler

Juggler Pagan Blog

I’ve followed The Juggler – Arts, Culture, and Pop-Culture from a Pagan Perspectivesince its inception.  This is my primary source of “pagan entertainment” advice.  I’ve discovered books like The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane  and The Hunger Games before it was popular, plus my favorite pagan movie, “Agora.”  Anytime a pagan-oriented book, movie, or TV series is mentioned by The Juggler, I’m off to check it out.

Spiritual/ Pagan Blogs #4 – Darker Shade of Pagan (Music Podcast)

Darker Shade of Pagan Pagan Blog

A Darker Shade of Pagan – Pagan Sounds from the Musical Underground is another gem from  Jason Pitzl-Waters. It’s really more podcast than blog and I’ve discovered lots of new (and old) music here that speaks to me on a spiritual level.  In fact…I have about 24 back-to-back podcasts of A Darker Shade of Pagan on my old iPod that plays background music in the  house whenever I just want to relax.

Spiritual/Pagan Blogs #5 – Runehealing (Marc Rice) YouTube Channel

Runehealing Pagan Blog

Rune Healing (aka Marc Rice)’s YouTube Channel  boasts close to 5 million video views with a heavy focus on energy work and meditation.  You won’t find God and Goddess info here, and don’t get Marc started on the term New Age, but you will find hours of excellent free material created by Marc himself.  I highly recommend the ones on chakras and clearing negativity.  His website also features a blog, but Marc’s YouTube video channel is his largest online gift.

What do you think? Are there more must-read pagan blogs that you can recommend?


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