Say Goodbye to Toxic People from your Past

Goodbye to Toxic People from your Past

Say Goodbye to Toxic People from your PastSay goodbye to toxic people from your past!

You’re drained, exhausted and confused. If this is how you feel after spending time with someone, chances are that they are toxic. You know this person is not good for you, but how do you get away? This person might tell you things like if you loved them, you’d stick around. Sometimes, real love means that you walk away. Real love means saying, “I care enough about you and myself to no longer enable your toxicity.” Sometimes love means saying goodbye to people from your past so that you can get on with the future.


Stress is one of the most influential factors of all disease. Toxicity breeds stress amongst many other problems. While this seems harmless, toxicity can and will invade a host body like a parasite. Toxicity leaks into the mind with thoughts, thoughts become feelings, thoughts and feelings control actions and a person slowly, but steadily, spirals out of control. Toxicity, in and of itself, is a disease that is rampant because it spreads from person to person. Combating toxicity requires a great deal of accountability and positivity for it to work.


An insecure person is a volatile person. Toxicity is oftentimes born out of insecurity, whether a person realizes it or not. Insecurity is a tricky thing; it taints perception such that it creates negative thoughts and feelings, coloring anything anyone says or does. Insecurity says that a person slammed the door in their face when what really happened is that the person who “slammed the door” was late for work and didn’t realize their mistake.

Blame Game

Toxic relationships take all forms, but a few characteristics exist amongst nearly all—blame. The toxic person will blame you and others for their faults. Instead of being open and honest, they’d rather that you and others be made to feel insecure about your shortcomings to cover up those of the toxic person. Never accept responsibility for others’ feelings and stay accountable for yours. Openly choosing to not shoulder the blame any longer frees you from unwanted burden and forces the toxic person to reckon with their destructive behavior.

Staying accountable for what you bring to the mix keeps you honest; however, don’t shoulder the blame of anyone’s toxicity again. Saying goodbye to the people from your past can relieve you of negativity in your life and set the toxic person free to face their own demons.


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