How a Pagan Goes to Church

This week’s visit to the Cathedral of Nature as always brings wonder and joy to my heart.  Last year, I picked up an unusual lily in the supermarket, brought it home, and let it bloom out.  When the lily had died back a bit, I planted it at my front door, half-convinced that I’d never see this beauty again as I’d not always had great luck with bulbs and lilies.

Sure enough, spring came and nothing happened.  Other flowers bloomed around the front door, but the new lily didn’t make an appearance.

About a month ago, green stalks shot up at my doorstep.  This morning, I have 6 to 8 flowers on the one plant.

I suspect that next year, after I’ve divided this wildly growing lily, I’ll have clusters of this plant all over my yard.

The irony?  This flower is curcuma, which is from the same family as turmeric, the spice that is so good for lowering my blood sugar and any kind of inflammation.


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