Instead of Candle Spells, Try…a Cup of Tea

Aren’t those all-day candle spells great?

If you can stay home with it all day, which I can’t.

Or if you can burn a candle at work, which in my case is highly frowned upon at my workplace.

So here’s an alternative I tested out and found it worked quite delightfully. Not fire magick but water magick–tea magick to be exact.

Instead of leaving a candle to burn all day while I was at work, I bought a special tea cup and a box of tea. Every morning, before I leave for work, I drop a tea bag into a cup of hot water and say a little blessing or prayer or set my intentions. It’s usually something small, just a thought to let steep all day long while I go about my day.

I’ts a small but beautiful daily ritual now, and as valid as any candle magick.


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