Eyes that Change Color: The Law of Attraction, Emotions, and Manifestation

Photo by DenaL (http://www.flickr.com/people/denal/); creative commons license.

You’d think after years of writing about “eyes flashing” in my early literary career as a romance novelist, I would have understood.  I didn’t.

Last week, over lunch with a long-time friend, I saw something that astonished me.  I saw a pair of eyes change from dark brown to bright and colorful in moments.  It was so beautiful that it hurt to look away.  Of course, I had to investigate this breath-taking occurence and after a little research, I realized that it was a perfect example of how emotions precede manifestation.

At this point in my spiritual journey, I’ve honed my understanding of

the Law of Attraction fairly well.  Whether I apply it as a template to Christianity, Wicca, positive thinking, the Teachings of Abraham, prayer, ritual, magick, or a hundred other things I’ve yet to skim the surface of,  I have an expert understanding of how it works.  That doesn’t mean I always get what I want–because even though I understand very well how it all works, I often let my own emotional patterns and restrictive thoughts get in the way.  Not as much today as yesterday and not as much tomorrow as today.  I am, as I said, honing my understanding…and that is a process rather than a destination.

I do love it when I discover some new way to illustrate spiritual teachings. I find this often in the writings and workshops of Abraham-Hicks (Jerry and Esther Hicks, accompanied by the collective known as Abraham). Whether you believe in channelling or not doesn’t matter–I do, by the way–but it is the message and the teachings that can be incorporated into your path with great results. I feel rather smug that I’ve discovered an example I haven’t see illustrated elsewhere for how we use our emotions to manifest and how it is not about the manifested outcome but about the wonderful feeling that immediately precedes the manifestation.

I’ll disguise the situation somewhat so I don’t embarrass my friend, but we were sitting in the shade on a lightly breezy Autumn afternoon after lunch and we were quite relaxed as we talked. She has had an extremely difficult year, filled with despair, but our friendship has endured.  I had good news to share that day, good for her and quite a delight for me.  I have been told that when I’m truly happy, my blue eyes sparkle. I have not seen her happy in a long time, perhaps not in several years.  Perhaps never, really.  I was face to face with her as I told her this good news, maybe fifteen inches from her face.  Near the end of my good news story, something happened rather quickly.  I must’ve blinked, thinking my own eyes had just twitched, but I saw her brown eyes change in color, fire coming into them, a real-live-honest-to-God twinkle, and oh, so much color!

I did a double take.  I have known her for years and would have told anyone that her eyes were brown, dark brown.  But now they weren’t.

Within a few seconds, her entire mood had gone from solemn and sad to overjoyed, and she was barely smiling before her eyes changed color while I watched.  I saw her a few days later in a more somber and troubled situation, and her eyes were dark brown again.

Flying By Night novel

In my research, I found that the human eye can change color–as a baby or during some stage of life or illness.  That seems to be a process over weeks or months, not over the course of a few minutes. None of those life phases apply to my friend right now.  I also found that medication can cause eye color change, but that’s not the case with my friend either.

And then there are the “unexplained” (thus far) eye color changes that have to do with strong emotions.  I found that I have several friends whose hazel eyes change color in times of strong emotion, usually anger and occasionally sadness.  In this friend’s case, her eyes changed in a brief span of joyous hope.

Manifesting is like that.  First you feel the emotions, then the outcome manifests.  It’s not even about the thing that manifests–she would never have known her eyes were full of the most beautiful fire I’ve ever seen–but about the emotion, the feeling.   The emotion is what spurs the physical outcome. I could not tell that she was happy with our news, even by her frequent smile, until the change in her eyes manifested.

I got to see the wonderful results, but she got to feel something wonderful first.  She didn’t set out to change her eye color…she simply allowed herself-finally!–to feel good about life and caught up in a moment of joy.


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