Just a Coincidence–or the Law of Attraction in Action?


Mom, 1983





My younger daughter, Aislinn, and I made a quick trip up to Georgia to visit my mom on the farm.  Let me tell you, there is no better time to visit the farm than in October, when the weather cools and you can see the whole bowl of heaven at night while you walk through waist-high fog rising over the grasses.  It was unusual that we had the chance to visit on this particular weekend, a quick trip where we arrived in late afternoon and left in early morning but got to stand in the fields under a crescent new moon conjunct Venus in the sinking Western sky opposite Jupiter in the Eastern sky and capture our intentions for 10-10-10 (October 10th, 2010).  One of Aislinn’s photo-shoots was cancelled at the last minute, affording us the rare opportunity to visit Grandma at my favorite time of year on the farm.

On the drive up, we listened to one of my newer Abraham-Hicks downloads and talked about a scenario described where a querent had been talking about Arnold  Schwarzenegger and family to his companion and then a few minutes later, Arnold and family crossed their path.  Aislinn and I talked about how quickly we manifest things now, once we get in the right mindset, and how much fun it is.

A scant hour later, I sat  in my mom’s den and we talked about relatives I have not seen in years, one in particular that I last saw when I was perhaps 18–almost 30 years ago–or near the age of my younger daughter now.  I sat telling Aislinn stories of this cousin and things he did as a toddler and as a boy and later as a teenager.  I was completely in my “vortex” in these descriptions, even though some were…maybe a bit chaotic.  For me, I was in the vortex because thoughts of this cousin brought up fun, hilarious, scary, crazy memories.  I expressed that I had not seen him in about three decades and wondered how he looked now.  I didn’t think about it at the time, but I had absolutely no resistance to seeing him again but I expressed my desires in my own head while in that glittery vortex moment.

We have a little ritual when I visit my mom–there’s a yummy little  restaurant we take her to that has real sugar-sweet tea, corn nuggets, and great barbecue.  We went earlier than planned for dinner, and as we finished, I got the sudden idea that we could pop by a dollar store on the way home and pick up some cheap workout clothes.

In the store, my mom and I checked out the workout clothes section while Aislinn decided to go “wander” and see if she could find a particular odd item.  As she was wandering around the store, out of our sight, a man walked up to her and asked if she was my daughter…because she looked much like me at that age.  She led him back to me, and yes, of course….it was the cousin I hadn’t seen in 30 years.

Coincidence?  No.  I don’t really believe in coincidences any more.  This was just another case of the Universe bringing to me a desire that I had no resistance to, that I’d had at a lovely moment in the vortex.   But wow, did Aislinn and I have a greata discussion on manifestation on our later sunset walk through the fields.


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