Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Passion to the Third Degree .

I love discussing God with scientific minds, partly because I like to explain spirituality through science when possible. My best discussions on the science of spirituality have usually been with physicists and physicians. The worst are with engineers and accountants whose minds tend to be more structured and analytical than scientific.

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

I was trying to explain to my date last night how it felt to connect directly with Deity—that surge of energy and power and oneness with everything. I thought at the time, “I’m not making sense unless he’s felt that connection, too.”

Later, we were talking about when he was an ER physician and how it felt when he saved lives, the god-feeling of it, and it struck me by the way he described it…it was the same feeling I get when I connect with Deity. That feeling of the power, the life force, the amazing energy of life and connection with the forces around us.

What a sweet epiphany!


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