Harm None vs. Just Allow

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Passion to the Third Degree .

Going back to bed now.

The dreams over the past few days have been really odd—like the being sentenced to be strangled with rope and choked to death with crystalline rocks and me knowing that even though my end was coming, my big concern was in having the freedom up until the hour of my hanging to live every moment fully and enjoy it. Sheesh, why are my nightmares so often fifth-chakra-related? What a terrible past life feel!

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

Or the one last night where my old college friend who’s been getting into a dangerous crowd over the past few years was talking to me about disturbing matters involving the Ten of Pents and showing things to me that make me wonder if she’s dead and I really don’t have a way of finding out.

With several dreams this week, I woke with a feeling of dread and had a hard time shaking them off. Makes me fear sleeping more tonight. This is not an intrusion or invasion of my spiritual space but just turbulent energies associated with the Ten of Pents.

Got a strong flash in my nearly asleep stage tonight of the Ten of Pents in trouble with his job…something instigated by his ex…that will cost his current position at a lucrative job he loves It’s a career and reputation killer. It’s a set-up. It’s going to be a big-to-do this summer. A legal matter, I think. Sorta like Pluto in the Tenth House in a solar return…a nuclear-powered build-up and explosion in his career and in the area of authority. That’s a configuration that The Treat had when he abruptly left his job here. It’s the same feeling.

I’m told to “allow.” That’s easier now that he’s all quiet and remote. Scarily easier. If he weren’t so distant at the moment, I’d be doing protection magick for him like I did (with permission) for The Treat when he was here and those wards are still in place in regard to his time here.

Okay, okay. Just “allow.”

The way I was taught “Harm None,” it included preventing harm when you could.

Deep breath. Deep breath. Bless it to soften it, but just allow.

So tired but a little afraid to sleep.


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