Why Can’t I Be a Normal Girl?

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree and Rising.

Argh. I am so freaking tired.


The energies have been so heavy today, following the Virginia Tech massacre as well as things closer to home that aren’t mine to deal with but I get them anyways…. I’d hoped to spend some time in ritual tonight, needed to for a calmer footing, but couldn’t find the time. Ritual usually mellows me out or really excites me, but when I do ritual alone, I’m usually very calm and soothed afterward. I needed that tonight.

Instead, at 12:30 AM, I submitted the last of the digital files to the printer for “Fire Burning in Water.” We finally got that last glitch worked out, plus added some nice quotes from Hertog and Hawking on the back.

Final page count: 224, same exactly as Lauren’s “Celebrating the Tower Card.”

We were a little surprised that the cover ended up not being blue. Last minute change. It’s black, with a full moon and silhouette front. In fact, it’s that obsidian shiny black I sometimes encounter in the Ether with ice blue and white. It’s as cool a cover as “Tower Card” was red-hot. But then, the tone is quite different, too. The author seems happy with it, at least!

If all goes well, we’ll see the proof a week from tomorrow and it’ll be available for print about (hopefully) five minutes later.

But it’s done and now I can start working on the last edits of Lauren’s “A Wedding of Souls,” which I think she has ready.

Life Coaching Tips

But no ritual tonight. Best I can hope for is a pleasant meditation that I’ll fall asleep during. I would have finished early but my downfall was double-checking a Stephen Hawking quote on the back and accidentally getting caught up in reading about some of his latest experiments and nodding furiously because, hey, I think he’s onto something.

Sigh. Why can’t I be a normal girl who doesn’t get sidetracked with a fascination for quantum mechanics?



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