Spring Is Just Another Word for Taking a Leap of Faith

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree and Rising.

My focus for April was “ebb and flow and mostly flow.” The focus for May? “Get ready.”


Getting ready is not about just taking a deep breath and waiting. It’s about getting ready. Preparing. Taking care of all those last minute things that must be done to be ready.

I still have that “on the verge” feeling, now more so than last month or any other point this spring, as if I’m topping a hill and a curve at the same time and gazing out over a beautiful vista of green fields and flowers waiting just for me. A sense of new beginnings and a launch into wonderful new things. Not quite there but making the last of the preparations….ready, set….take a deep breath…. Like old dark structures and restrictions are breaking apart and new things are emerging in the sunshine.

This month, I’ll continue my focus on health. I’m not focusing on the scales or the tape measure or any of the normal insanity that permeates our culture. I’m focusing on healthy habits and whatever that entails. I know I’ll gain pound of leg muscle with what I’m doing now and that will just drive me nuts on the scales, so instead of thinking in terms of pounds lost, I’ll think in terms of hours on the treadmill, gallons of water coursing through me, and the quantity of things done in the name of good health rather than lost.

This month, which will be exceedingly busy at the office, I’ll aim to keep the stress low and in its proper priority instead of letting it take over my life.

I’ll play the Hierophant this month, me with the keys if anyone wants to come and get them. As for any relationships, I’ll let them come to me this month, instead of going in search of them, and if there’s an enjoyable meanwhile to be had, then I’ll welcome someone who can make me smile.

In May, I’ll keep looking for the little things to enjoy, what I’m calling “tones of sweetness.” Whether that’s windchimes in my garden or just cranking my music up loud, I’m intended to enjoy this month.

This month, I’ll finish my preparations to begin my new career, including getting the websites running and another book or two out. I’ll network more and prepare my plan for the summer when I have up to three worker-bees in my home office.

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In May, I’ll get some overdue home projects completed, too. There’s that back supply closet that annoys the hell of out me, my own closet which is due a trip to Goodwill to get rid of the last of the clothes that just aren’t me, the repainting of the girls’ bathroom where the girls (one of them, anyway) painted over the tape guides, cleaning up the guest room before our darling Brian arrives for the summer, and planting more flowers. And getting both cars serviced. Somewhere in there, I’d like to spend half a day listening to podcasts while cooking make-ahead dinners for the next month, something I used to do that saved tons of time and kept my family well-fed.

Yes, it’s shaping up to be a busy month, though I’m not thinking of it so much as “busy” as I am “high energy.” This is the last step before a new world cracks wide open.

My focus for April was “ebb and flow and mostly flow.” The focus for May? “Get ready.” I have a feeling that the focus for June is going to be something like “Be ready.”


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