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I’ve definitely been more emotional than usual this past week, though most people haven’t really observed it unless they’ve been following my journal.


Maybe it’s because of the National news, which I’m mostly avoiding but it seeps through. Or maybe it’s all the people at work talking about retiring/leaving/moving. Maybe it relates to some personal news I received two years ago tomorrow that made me very happy and then very sad and thus it’s been a sentimental week. Or maybe my resistance is just down all over.

I’m tired, too. Indescribably. I’ve gotten a ton of work done, but it’s been the type of work that’s hard to push through, as if there’s a lot of opposition/resistance to it. Or maybe it’s just me.

I’m catching up on my sleep, exercising, and exhausted. I’m seriously thinking I’m anemic. I was as a teen. It’s come up as a “sign” several times in the past few days to get myself checked or increase my iron intake. And that includes Shannon sharing with me her opinions on a vascular surgeon’s book, “Sex, Time and Power,” which is a look at how women’s sexuality shaped human evolution. The last straw was the hair stylist mentioning vitamins 30 minutes later.

I’d stopped taking vitamins because I wasn’t seeing a noticeable difference and I really hate swallowing pills and just got out of the habit and a million other excuses, but the pharmacist shed some light on why they may not have been working so well for me as in the past. A lot of advertising says that different vitamins are needed when you turn 40 because you have different needs. True, but over-40 vitamins are also missing a few of the things (or quantities) that I still need in the quantities I used to get them.

Flying By Night novel

So…I’m switching vitamins again. If I don’t see results of at least some kind in the next week, I’ll make an appointment with my doc and see what’s going on. As for right now, I’m taking a nap.


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