Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree and Rising.

Sometimes life comes to us in little “spurts” that we don’t expect or, at least, surprise us when they do finally come. Good things. Things that have been in the works for a while and we didn’t know it, but when we do know it, it seems very sudden. Several of these hit me within an hour or so, and I’m eager to see what else the day holds!


  1. I’ve been invited to participate (as an author) in a program that seems similar to iTunes, where you can buy short stories for a pittance and read them online or have them combined into a print-on-demand book with the stories of your choice. The best part? They want non-exclusive rights, which means I don’t have to pull the story they  want from other venues. It’s been in the works for a while with Sony and a new e-reader they’re to produce.
  2. I finally received the payoff for the damages the roofers did to my home over 16 months ago. The check was cut 2 effing months ago, and yes, it’s less than half what we negotiated before they reneged and we went back to fighting it out a third (fourth? fifth?) time, but it’s done and I can partially reimburse the accounts I borrowed money from to pay off my wonderful repair guy. I still despise that company for their greed and lack of integrity and wouldn’t be the least bit bothered if every company store in country burned in the fiery pits of the Christian Hell, but I can close this miserable little chapter of post hurricane disasters. (And no, that’s not a threat, intention to do physical harm, or anything other than an expression of my disgust.)

Life Coaching Tips

  1. Six weeks ago, I emailed an expert in hopes of receiving Vitally Important Message #1 so I’d have the necessary information to take into a meeting this spring. I didn’t hear back as expected. Shannon wondered if maybe something else was in the works that needed to happen before I could appropriately discuss the upcoming meeting with the expert. The answer? Yes. And something did happen that I needed to include in my conversations, so I again emailed the expert in hopes of receiving Vitally Important Message #1. Nothing. I waited a while and sent a third email, then a few days ago, a fourth email. Shannon again wondered if something else had to happen before my discussion with the expert in the field. Then yesterday, I was unexpectedly handed Vitally Important Message #2 from another source. It meant the information I would have discussed with the expert would have been grossly incomplete a month or so ago. After Message #2 was received, I checked around midnight or later on Message #1 and found it still had not come through. At least not until this morning. Vitally Important Message #1 was sent last night but came through 12 hours later, the long awaited response, with apologies for an email glitch that had kept the expert unaware of my requests, even though work had been done on my behalf in the meanwhile. I now have what I need for the big meeting.

Sometimes it seems things aren’t happening, just because we don’t see it or don’t see it when we think we should. But there’s often lots of work done behind the scenes, whether we realize it or not.


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