Jump or Be Pushed, More

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree and Rising.

Occasionally the Universe gives me little pushes and I don’t realize it. Sometimes the pushing starts rather suddenly and forces me to act quickly. Sometimes I refuse to see it until I’m at the cliff’s edge and the ground is giving way under me and I’m still refusing to see it.


I’m better at that now. I’m trying to be proactive with these changes.

I’m initiating some health-related changes now, thanks to all the little pushes I’ve been given over the past couple of weeks. I’m re-thinking some prior good habits that aren’t necessarily as good for me at the moment and trying to add better habits to my routine. I stopped eating beef, for example, and maybe I shouldn’t have. Not entirely, at least. I’ve made some new choices and I’m implementing them—the new vitamins, the additional iron intake, some dietary changes.

As if to confirm that I’m on the right track and need to implement these changes immediately, the Universe gave me a few “coincidences” today.

Given that I was wearing what can best be described as “Corporate Goth”—long black satin skirt, ruffly top, black shoes—I wasn’t surprised to be told by a couple of coworkers that I looked pale. However, my boss caught up with me at the break area and unexpectedly pinched my fingernails and asked if I was wearing polish, which I almost never do.

“Your nails are white!” she told me. “You need iron. They’re supposed to be pink.” She held up her hands to show me. Then she asked what vitamins I’ve been taking.

I told her about the last brand and she just shook her head. “That’s not what you need,” she said in the rather, um, public area. “You’re still menstruating.”

Did I mention that my boss sometimes has foot-in-mouth disease?

“They’re fine for later,” she said, “but you’re not even 40.”

Did I mention how much I love my boss?

Life Coaching Tips

My health has been quite good and other than the occasional allergy problem, I’ve been prescription-free for years, but for some reason, the Universe really wants me to strive for a higher rung—immediately. And since our actions now affect our opportunities in the future, I’m listening.

I’ve decided to take the jump to be my absolute healthiest rather than have the Universe give me a big shove over the edge.


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