Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder.  Originally published in Third Degree and Rising.

Shannon and I rounded the corner of the gardens in Callaway at the same time and stopped short, both our mouths open. Ahead of us, under a spread of Japanese cherry trees with blossoms fluttering like snow to the ground, was something we both wanted.


For Shannon, it was the perfect shot. Her photography class project involves candid shots of people and this would have been perfect. It was suggested that she set up an appointment but the moment would have been gone. She didn’t have her camera with her and this was…beautiful.

For me, it’s what I want in 30-plus years. That kind of fire and love.

They were seated beneath the cherry blossoms, this older couple. They were clearly, desperately, sweetly in love. Eye-gazing, then later her with her head in his lap and staring at the cherry trees above. I cannot describe how incredible the energy was between them.

They were traveling together, vacationing, but it might as well have been a honeymoon. Just incredibly sweet and touching. I might not have noticed two teens or even two people in their 20’s. But even at my age, you don’t often see two people this much in love.

And I decided standing there, gaping, that that’s what I want. Not just in 30 years or more either, though I still want to have such moments then.

Not so far off.


Life Coaching Tips

Now and then, too. With no lapse in between.

Yes, I want this.


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