How My Non-Date Entertained Me Tonight

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree and Rising.

I’m not upset. I swear, I’m not upset. I am…amused.


Earlier in the week, the guy I’d thought I was going to be out with tonight was trying to decide if a weekend date fit his schedule and when and what we’d do and he just couldn’t seem to make up his mind, which was getting annoying to me. I can be flexible but respect my time enough not to abuse my schedule. If you don’t work weekends, aren’t going out of town in the weekend, don’t have other plans for the weekend, then sheesh, by the middle of the week, you usually know if you can commit to a weekend.

He kept asking what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. I have no problem planning a date together or by myself. Just make up your mind, that’s all. So he’d asked me to plan it. Something not too elaborate.

So I went with something weather-induced. The days—and nights—here are just gorgeous right now. Beautiful spring weather, clear skies, stars, moon, the works. I also went with something low-key since he seemed to be a little nervous. And I’m not so much a Seagar’s date anymore, though I’m not opposed to it. Casual seemed to be right for this weekend.

Casual…as in jeans and flip-flops…a walk on the beach at sunset, over to a movie at 7:30, dinner afterward at a particular outdoor cafe where the wine is pretty good.

Meanwhile he decided I was not the kind of girl he’s interested in unless I make some changes.

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So tonight, the movie was just starting, the theatre was a bit dim, and I looked up just in time to see him and his date—in jeans and flip-flops with sand on them—sit down 3 seats away. Afterward, they headed over to the outdoor restaurant. No, he didn’t see me. Or hear me laughing.

Apparently it was a pretty good date! I looked over once during the movie and she was holding his hand…between her legs. That wasn’t on the agenda I’d given him but I guess they improvised.

So…I’m not upset. I’m amused. Maybe I should become a date-planner.


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