Goth Music: The Dichotomy That Is Lorna

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree and Rising.

It’s a good thing I’ve given up trying to fit anyone else’s mold for me or I’d be really miserable…a shadow of my own self. Been there, done that, as they used to say. The funny thing is how many Law of Attraction Pollyannas I run into who think they have to have fluff for brains.


Not that I mind people with happy, fluffy brains. I can tolerate them for short periods as long as I don’t have to live with them. But the subject of music does tend to get some people riled up.

See, there’s just not a lot of “happy” and upbeat music out there for people trying to keep a positive mindset, except for music about how being in love/lust with someone makes you happy or, well, there’s always Katrina and the Waves, I guess. Modern music is usually about coping with emotions, not enjoying them. So unless it’s Christian “praise” music, it’s hard to find happy, shiny Law of Attraction, positive mindset music.

Which brings me to a serious problem. I like Goth. I’ve loved it since before it was called Goth. Happiness for me is finding new InkubusSukkubus songs on iTunes or an evening of downloading songs from groups like….

Edenbridge’s older stuff, Type O Negative’s latest, Sirenia, Midnattsol, Elis, Visions of Atlantis, March Violets, Darkwell, Tristania, Nox Arcana, Vas, Thy Sins of Thy Beloved, Flowing Tears, Penumbra, Lacrimosa, 13 Candles, and Emilie Autumn.

Those would seem to defy the “positive mindset,” wouldn’t they?

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Maybe it’s just the fact that I used to play the pipe organ in church and still lust after the sound of violins, bourdons, odd flutes, and big Phantom-of-the-Opera type crescendos. Goth music always reminds me of that power in my fingertips, more so than any church hymn ever did.

So, dichotomy that I am, Goth music makes me happy.


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