Focus for April: Ebb and Flow but Mostly Flow

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree and Rising.

I’m not sure where the first three months of this year have gone. I certainly have plenty to show for it, yet it doesn’t seem that it should have passed so quickly. Then again, it’s been good that it passed without further delay, given how emotionally hard life was for a while. I’ve needed to spring forward a bit into the future.


With April’s beginning and April’s full moon conjuncting, it’s definitely a time for looking forward at goals to be accomplished this month. I suddenly feel on the verge of major productivity and at the same time, a strange tranquility unlike any I’ve ever known.

– This month, I’m focusing on happy little things. Like flying kites today with the girls or dancing under the full moon. Stopping to smell my roses, literally.

– This month, I’m focusing on healthy habits. Eating right, keeping my legs exercised and healthy. Drinking lots of water. Taking my allergy meds.

– This month, I’m allowing any fun social events, though I’m not actively seeking any out. I have priorities this month other than dating and the Gemini’s out of the country for several months anyway, plus I’m not as enthusiastic as I’d like to be to see him again. Seeking out a date takes too much of my time that needs to go elsewhere right now. So if someone interests me, fine, but otherwise I’ll be a little more passive about it until, at least, May.

– This month, I’ll finish several projects that are very close to completion. That means asking for help in some cases, but I’ll allow it. It’ll be a big month for creating new streams of prosperity in my life.

Life Coaching Tips

– This month, I’ll go with the flow at work and not stress over the major changes happening there. There’s nothing I can do about any of them anyway except to either distance myself from things that don’t matter or let it drive me crazy.

– This month, I’ll remember that everything will be fine, to trust that the Universe will deliver, and not to lose those incredible moments of serenity that I’ve felt in the past week.


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