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Another milestone day! Tonight I graduate from the first phase of the certification program I’m working on for my career transition. It’s expensive but worth every penny to make some dreams come true. It may be a couple of years before I see the payoff, but it’s a huge step in the right direction, a new path for me.


I’d thought when I began this program last July that I’d be done by January. That was the plan. Graduate early. And this is so ME. Not that I wanted to graduate early for the sake of graduating early, but I had plans for the future and they needed to be well in place by January. Which meant launching my new career part-time back in the October/November time frame but instead, I’m a good six months behind where I thought I’d be…and graduating exactly on time for what the program calls for. I know, I know. I’m impatient.

So life got in the way of my life plans. Too many tragedies, some heart-warming new experiences. In any case, I now have the tools I need and then some. The lessons I’ve learned since January have been invaluable and they might not have been available if I’d finished the program then.

Last year was all about expanding and trying all sorts of things. This year is about focusing, pulling back in, defining the tools I need and the desires I have.

For the past few years, it’s been important to me to be undefined. I didn’t want a normal relationship by anyone’s definition, and that’s what I got—undefined. The lack of restriction was incredibly important to me to grow as a person, especially as an independent person who can now talk about things other than anything that occurred during my lifetime with my ex. I’m proud to have built a separate and full life and be able to carry on conversations that have a firm basis not in my former marriage and life then but in my own separate life of abundance, in the here and now, and with a great nod to the future.

But now I’m seeking to take all the chaos of creation and lack of definition from the past few years and put them into some type of structure. For certain, it’s not any structure that most people consider normal, but it’s better defined for me. This is where I keep seeing that Star Gate image: the gateway to the future with each notch clicking into place as the wheel turns and opportunities to step through if I choose to.

Life Coaching Tips

So all of my relationships are becoming better defined in the sense of structure. That includes friendships, personal relationships, business partnerships, my place in the world. I’ve been wandering but not lost for quite a while now. I know where I’m going now. I have a map that shows where I am and the different paths—though not all of them—to where I want to be.

Then again, when it’s time to define a new path by walking it, I’m just as likely to sprint out across both flowers and thorns and pave a new way. In fact, I kinda like being the first one to walk a well-worn path.


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