Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

“Why does this keep happening to you?” a friend asks. “I’m glad to live a boring life!”

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Shannon gets the same question. Why all the drama in our lives? I can look back to a long series of drama going back over several years and see that they were stepping stones to more compassion in myself, to better understanding, to spiritual epiphanies. But sometimes, it’s interesting to see it from a different perspective.

In a conversation with Jillian, I caught her up on the events of the past six months and was a bit ill at ease when I realized how many dramas have happened around me. For the most part, I haven’t been directly part of the drama, which is something I’d asked for: to be able to learn by observing but not so much part of it myself. Still, by merely observing on the sidelines, I’m still affected by the crises in my environment and forging a safe retreat in my home. I still feel and report the drama because there so are many lessons to learn and this is how they are presenting themselves now.

But it’s been an epiphany itself to watch Shannon in the midst of these dramas, none directly striking at her in ways that most people would understand and most people don’t understand why these tragedies warrant even a second glance from her since she’s not at the heart of them.

And yet, she is at the heart of them.

I feel as if I’m watching a young High Priestess in training. The past six months have been incredibly harsh and yet tremendously maturing. How many adults can set aside their own grief for the loss of a friend to be a balm for others? How many people can soothe without a word? How many 16-year-olds really understand what’s important in life and what’s the small stuff that doesn’t matter when you’re clutching hands at a wake? I’m amazed at the magnitude of her strength, wisdom, and compassion at such a young age.

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Most people faced with these…opportunities…distance themselves to avoid any pain or discomfort, but she wades right in where few others go. She goes where it’s the hardest, where the grief is raw.

So why so much drama this year? Strictly as an observer, it looks to me as if each of these Tower Card situations she faces is yet another initiation into a higher level of maturity.

But I as her mom would prefer to see her blowing bubbles and laughing right now like the little girl I remember.


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