What Not to Wear, Who Not to Date

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

I seldom go out with a guy without knowing something about him astrologically. If I know his birthday, well, that’s great. If I know his birth time and place, even better! It’s like having an instant personality profile, and thus far, it’s been 100% accurate (when I’ve had the total info on birth time and place) and accurate but not as…complete…with less information.

Attract Him Back

So when “Max” told me his birthday, I did a very quick check for red flags. There are certain personality types I don’t do well with—at all. Some are too whiny and indecisive and others tend to be outwardly arrogant but inwardly reeking of insecurities that turn them into control freaks, but I won’t call any signs.

Normally, when I’m attracted to someone, they tend to have the same contortions in their charts, and yes, contortions is the appropriate word for the common elements. Our charts usually have a compelling synastry whenever I’m the one making the first move and the guy responds favorably. He’s usually an air sign (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra), with heavy Pluto-Venus influences (intensity), and Mercury in Aquarius (there’s that verbal intelligence and wild ideas again). It’s amusing to see how often the same things pop up in the charts of men I feel a connection with from the get-go.

It’s different when any Tom, Dick, or…Max…gives me his number and demands I call him. Especially when I sense that I’m not getting the full story from the guy and he seems too good to be true. I suspect Max is married, among other things. I also suspect he might be a little more dangerous than I really care to play with, hence running his chart to check myself.

So with Max, there were some definite red flags, the kind that usually say things like, this relationship will be okay as long as you don’t expect anything or you’re likely to be arguing all the time. I could see that—he has a strong personality. I was already not liking his personality profile when I came across a new configuration I’ve never seen before. I was stunned to see this in the chart, so I read up on what it means, just to verify what I thought it meant. If you’ve ever seen the birth chart of a sociopath, you know what I mean.

The guy is all about illusion according to this particular angle in his chart. A huge tendency to mislead and then the relationship sinks into disappointment once you realize he’s too good to be true because he’s a friggin’ liar.

However…my point in recounting this story is that I found something new, something I’ve never heard before regarding a potential relationship and probably the most, er, dire warning I’ve ever seen…the last sentence of the explanation of the configuration:

“Do not try to find Salvation with your friend or lover…look elsewhere for your god.”

Enough said.


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