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A particular project has been giving me fits for almost two months. I just haven’t been able to get into the right headspace to figure it out. Normally, I know it’s going to take a little bit of focused concentration and then I’ll make the breakthrough. This is actually three software programs, not one, and I rarely have problems learning something new. One of my greatest strengths has always been the ability to learn.

Attract Him Back

But the concentration hasn’t been there. Not for lack of trying. I just couldn’t break through. Granted, there’s been a lot of turmoil in the past two months, but still!

Yoda suggested twice in the past two months that maybe I’d rather just not learn the new software and simply hire out the job. And for some of it, yes, that’ makes sense. The harder part, yes. But I still wanted to be able to make updates when I wanted to rather than turning over 300 pages to someone else and having to wait for them. I was at a point of not knowing exactly how much I could turn over to someone else and how much I should keep for myself because of the work that needed to be done.

Was it a matter of not being able to delegate? No, not really. It would take me as much time to give someone else a list of what needed to be updated as it would take for me to do it myself, probably more time in fact. It wasn’t something that could be done and maintained by someone else—I will always have certain decisions to make every month.

I finally just gave up last night. I was at the point of having to admit I was never going to learn this new software, not even enough to do minor updates. I put in a call to Yoda, at last, requesting recommendations on who might be able to subcontract the work from me. My time was more valuable not to figure it out.

No kidding, I emailed her at 9:30. Within two hours, I was messing about with something else online and suddenly—click!—I got it. I knew exactly what the problem was. I flitted over to the software website, picked up what I needed, Shannon returned from a date in time to tell me she might be interested in working with the software, too, and wham! I’d created my first project in this new software. And omigods, is it gorgeous!

Sometimes it feels like the Universe holds things out of my reach until I give up, then it says, Well, okay then, here it is.

I wonder what else that works for. Because I’m seriously giving up on the possibility of any intriguing, date-able men in my life.


(If I’m not mistaken, that’s what happened last time someone amazing came into my life.)


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