Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

Sometimes it takes a while for confirmation to show up. That’s often such a long time that most of us decide our intuition was dead wrong and we should just forget all about it.

Attract Him Back

Or not. Sometimes it stays with us, in the back of our minds, and we always wonder.

There’s something from a long time ago that I have wanted answers to and had finally figured that they would never come or that it would no longer matter. I guess it still matters because the answers make me sad.

My intuition had told me something very powerful. It had been right on target.

Yet there was no physical evidence to support it. The very idea seemed ludicrous.

I had asked at one point. Physically asked if my intuition was right.

I was told no, it wasn’t. I was off. I was assured that I was wrong.

People aren’t always truthful, for many reasons. Sometimes it’s to protect the people who are asking questions. Sometimes to protect themselves. Sometimes they just can’t face the truth.

They say the truth always comes out. Sometimes it comes out very quickly on the inner planes. On the physical plane, it takes longer. It manifests in physical ways that can’t be denied. Legal documents. Arrests. Secrets openly in the public record. In the newspaper. Physical confirmation. Being right does not bring joy.

The thing is, seeing then and being given physical confirmation now just emphasizes the different possibilities for different futures. The intuition can give a snapshot of a wonderful —or not so wonderful—future and you can make a choice that takes you down the path to that particular future. Sometimes, people let their fear and shame get the best of them, and they make bad choices.

Sometimes that means when they come to a fork in the road and take one path, they’ll look up when it’s too late and realize you’re on the other path and no longer walking beside them.


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