Little Messages Bouncing Back

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

I took a moment tonight to pause at the Light Altar and offer up a prayer. I was thinking about someone and just had the strong urge to walk to the altar and send a prayer, with a special message attached to it.

Attract Him Back

I’d left my cell phone charging after a long call to my mom. The phone’s just about dead and I’m winding down my phone plan before going with a different one. I hadn’t had any texts in several weeks, enough so that I’d decided to get rid of my texting package for lack of use and pay for only the occasional message I get now from the girls. These days, I don’t text the men in my life, intentionally on my part, so it just didn’t seem worth wasting the extra money on. If anything becomes more serious, perhaps then but it’s not someplace I want to go right now. Sooner or later, I’m going to have to make a decision but I’m just not happy with the offers I’m getting. Yes, I’m speaking of the phone service in this case.

So I started closing down things in the house, getting ready to dive into bed for some sleep, when I suddenly just felt so drawn to go to the altar and pray. I grabbed my favorite crystal and breathed the words of my prayer—just as my text message ringtone went off.

It startled me. The girls were off with their dad or with friends and I couldn’t imagine who’d be messaging me at that hour. And most definitely at that very moment as I spoke those words.

I put down my crystal and ran to the phone. The message was from Shannon. Very unexpected. And what she had to say was simple.

It was also the exact phrase I’d just spoken into the Ether.


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