Law of Attraction: Manifesting through Grief

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

When I regard the things we’ve manifested in our lives in the past two months, I’m amazed. And yes, that’s even with dealing with funerals and goodbyes and old issues resurfacing for a final look.

Attract Him Back

As I told someone recently, every day won’t necessarily be full of sunshine and there will be some ups and down in life, no matter how “skilled” a manifestor you are. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t work or that you can’t have the life you want. Occasionally we do have to deal with loss to get to a better place, though I won’t say that someone dying gets you to a better place. Death, loss, grief—those are all things that must be dealt with, even while you’re manifesting and working with the Law of Attraction.

Anyone who tells you otherwise and finishes telling you this in far less than a minute of being introduced to you is in your life to remind you how important it is to listen to other people without insisting you have all the answers when you really know nothing at all about what the other person is dealing with and has worked through. That’s someone with their own agenda based on their own ego or the ego of others around them who cannot deal with the reality of loss what they once possessed.

If you think a death or loss indicates that you’ve failed to manifest your life the way you want, then you’ll lose the belief you need to make things happen. Grief is experienced only when someone or something meant a lot to us, and realizing how much someone was in your heart makes the grief a tribute to that relationship. It means you had a connection with someone, and for many of us, we like having connections.

Aside from the loss itself, what I find most trying is how people who cannot let go are the first ones to advise others to let go. And they don’t even realize it. It’s so ironic.

Life Coaching Tips

So I’m continuing to manifest good things, in spite of some recent emotional times. Some are very, very small and some are rather big and exciting. Things like troublesome people leaving my life for brighter shores, which works well for both of us: they’re extremely happy to be going to something new and I’m just delighted I get my wish that they’ll find something more interesting to do than bug me. Things like being directed to a certain website or partnership that’s very helpful in structuring what I want to do next. Things like strangers emailing me with interview offers that will provide nice, positive publicity. I’m looking to the end result, whether specific or general, and waiting to see what will come to me in answer to the call.

I enjoy watching my kids with their manifesting practice, as well. Aislinn, being 14, is mostly interested in manifesting good hair days and new shoes. Shannon, at almost 17, is old enough now to take it to a new, higher level, manifesting everything from a strawberry shake, being very specific, to wonderful new experiences and new friendships, being more general. In the past two months, she’s seen all the things she put out there to the Universe come back to her, golden, as of this past weekend. It makes me smile to see her focusing on the things in life she wants…and getting them.

And that’s a nice reminder of what’s out there for all of us.


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