Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

I’m back on kilter. All it took was a conversation with my daughters over lunch and suddenly I understood.

Attract Him Back

We compared dreams from last night and while they weren’t the same dreams exactly, the off-kilter feeling behind them was exact and there was a connection between the dreams. This has happened before. Several times.

You see, my dreams have a certain…texture…to them that I can’t explain. There are times when they are meshed with someone else’s energy and feel foreign to me. I have, at times, dreamed other people’s dreams and knew they weren’t mine while I was dreaming them, but they helped me understand that person’s fears. There are times when my dreams are metaphorical, instructional, prophetic. Sometimes they’re fear-based, though those come very rarely now as I have become more serene within myself. It’s the ones that don’t seem “natural” to me in their texture that really bug me. There’s a difference—a heaviness, an oppressiveness that’s not mine—that I can’t explain to anyone who doesn’t dream in the way I do. A few of my shaman friends understand this very well, but most people don’t.

When Shannon told me her dream, I knew immediately what mine was about and what about it hadn’t made sense to the point that it threw me off kilter. It’s a form of energetic backlash (directed energy, possibly) for some recent insights I’ve had and openly discussed online. I recognize the energy now…I’d just forgotten it was out there.

As a triple Pisces with Neptune in 8th House Scorpio, dreams are important to me, and they’re often a big clue to what’s going on both internally and externally—as well as etherically. When I wake with a “Why would I be dreaming that?” hitting me full-force, it’s usually something etherically pushing through.

The first clue to that is the content of the dream. The confirmation of it is the energy that comes with it and that tells me where it’s coming from.

I’m learning more and more to recognize other people by the “energy” they give off. It’s as unique as any thumbprint or snowflake.


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