Hitching a Ride in a Meditation

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

Not at all what I expected! I don’t usually travel elsewhere in my meditations but rather, I let the Higher Self of others come to me. That way, I don’t feel I’m intruding or invading their dreams while they sleep, as it’s been reported that I often “pop in” even though I’m unaware of it. The only time I travel at all—intentionally—is when something dire calls me and I become worried, but I’ve felt blocked in regard to traveling recently. Last night, I was once again open to entertaining guests.

Attract Him Back

I’d wondered if perhaps The Gemini would visit me in my dreams. Admittedly, I’m a bit emotionally guarded around most men right now, given the last couple to enter my life in the past month and exit at the toe of my pointiest shoes. But The Gemini is cerebral and cute and a little submissive, and our conversations have been full of potential.

And then this…a man from my past and his hitch-hiker.

I am going about my daily business, productive and focused, when I stop in at a restaurant for a quick bite. The restaurant isn’t familiar, but the building next door is—and as I sit at my table, I remember the man who worked in this building where he was very unhappy and wonder about him.

I look up, look across the crowded restaurant at the line of people grabbing to-go meals at the counter and, to my surprise, see him standing there. I say nothing. I have no intention of calling his attention to me. The last times I’ve seen him in meditations, he’s been overly shy, then career-focused, then overly shy, then tremendously sad and restricted. His energy, across the room, is clear today. Not clear as in visible but a cleaner kind of energy. I haven’t felt this kind of energy from him in a while.

He looks up and sees me, smiles broadly, and makes a beeline for me. His level of assertion is much higher, as well.

He brings his food and a tray and sits beside me. His hair is different, and God, he looks hot! His energy comes at me in waves of excitement and interest, both intellectual and physical. He’s friendly and happy, but completely focused on his career. There’s something he’s putting in order, something he’s getting ready to do, and 100% focus is critical.

He sits close to me, sharing this meal, and notices me looking out the window at the place where he used to work. He tells me he’s been told that I know something of what went on there and that I can tell him what went wrong. He needs to know. This is information I have for him. Its information he needs so he doesn’t repeat past mistakes, information that’s necessary to fulfilling his dreams.

As I tell him everything I know, I watch the energy in his face and expressions. What I’m giving him is a gift, something he can take back to his waking world and use. And as we talk, he sometimes touches my arm or our knees touch and neither of us moves away. The attraction between us is still there, much to my surprise. Still there and stronger than before. It’s not at a yearning level but at an equally content and excited threshold where we are simply enjoying each other’s company and touch.

He is called away for a moment—not so much distracted but having to tend something that’s come up in his career before we can continue our conversation. He is, I somehow know, running off to use the information I’ve given him before he returns. The information is too important for this to wait.

In his absence, a woman somehow related to his career field sits down next to me. She does not understand my relationship with him and carries an air of proprietary demand toward him, even though they are distant toward one another. But we never discuss him. Instead, she talks about business and about her “other boyfriend” who is coming soon and about life back in New York when she was younger. Nothing she says is really of any interest to me. She’s young, a mother, 35 to 40, and very strong in personality. A little aloof toward me. Everything she says is to let me know her importance and her significance. I’ve seen this woman before in meditations, mainly in the backyard of a house on a narrow lake or stagnant river. Never in the house, which has some meaning but I don’t know what. Usually she gives me a creeped-out feeling but this time, she is so inwardly turned that the distance makes her palatable to me.

I’m not sure what she’s doing here, but it’s not enough to distract me from the man in this meditation. On an energetic level, he does not even acknowledge her and she acknowledges him in the same way an artist paints negative space to show what’s really there. She is his energetic opposite, trying to hold him in check, and failing but not willing to admit failure. If she has any gentle emotions toward him at all, I do not sense them here. It’s controlled, below the surface, determined. Someone more to her frequency is waiting for her to finish her business and go back “home” and she alludes to this other man more so than the one she has followed to this meditation.


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