Culminations, Peaks, and Sad Manifestations

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

I have been asking for answers on many things. Let’s just say that I’ve been attracting them to me.

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In one particular situation, I am on the periphery. I am affected by the situation, but I’m not in the middle of it. And answers have started to come.

They’re not what I would have thought.

I am watching the lives of a couple in their mid-30’s. One is a friend, one is anything but. They are business partners, though not in a conventional way. I’m indirectly involved with them, yet what happens between them has a direct outcome on me. So I don’t interfere with what they’re manifesting, consciously or not. I simply wait to see what happens and ask for answers so I can stay informed and make the best decisions for me.

The answers are startling. They come in unexpected ways. Unexpected, yes, and still expected I suppose because I’ve simply put out a call to the Universe for answers.

Last night, a total stranger mentioned one of the partners to me. A stranger with inside knowledge of their business and a desperate need to share how very bad it is behind the scenes. She didn’t even know that I knew these people, and I never indicated that I did.

I had known it was bad but I’d thought things had greatly improved because of the facade presented to me and because I knew these people had had some really wonderful opportunities presented to them.

They didn’t take any of the opportunities. They chose to stay where they were, even going deeper into a bad situation because it was more comfortable, more secure, than leaving. Were they standing there saying, Can anything possibly get worse? Gods, they must have been. If it could possibly have gotten worse, that’s where they went.

One of the reasons I had sought answers regarding this situation was my knowing they were reaching a peak in this sector of their lives. I had thought, from all evidence given, that it would be a wonderful time of financial and emotional peaks, a culmination of everything they’d been working so hard for.

Hearing the inside scoop last night—and then another stranger corroborating  the  story  since  then,  has  left me thinking  about culminations,  peaks,  and how they work. I’ve always thought of culminations,  especially in the career field, as being something very good. You work hard and it pays off, right? You treat people well and it pays off, right?

Both Shannon and Jillian are always telling me that in the world I live in, I expect people to do the right thing and look for the best in people and I’m always surprised when they don’t come through. Perhaps that why I often write about it—because it’s somehow unusual to me. They tell me that people aren’t the wonderful creatures I often want to think they are.

Culminations can be the result of years of shoddy work, or of merely spinning your wheels all the time, or of riding roughshod over people, or of not following through. Hitting a peak in your career or in your adulthood can mean really understanding who you are and what you have to give to the rest of the world. Or it can mean hitting a material or emotional peak that’s unsupported and then tumbling down to lower than you ever started.

It’s not about what you have at the culmination or peak, but about what you used to get there and how you used it.

Which is why I’m sadly watching a couple who are at each other’s throats, pushing desperately for material prosperity because they think that’s where true emotional security lies. Right now, there’s nothing more important for either of them than security…and their focus is on their fear of losing it.

Guess what they’re manifesting.


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