Women Who Get What They Want

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Contrast.

Sometimes it’s easy to see the Law of Attraction  at work, especially when certain women get what they want. You can see them living the life, even before it manifests in the physical, and you can see how they draw it to them.

Attract Him Back

Occasionally at my day job, I run into the ex-husband of a Mossy Head woman whom I was close friends with two years ago for about 9 months. Sometimes, he’ll nod in acknowledgment,  but  mostly,  he just scowls  at me. That’s understandable. He blames me their divorce.

She once told me, a few days before our friendship dissolved,  that  her  husband   held  me  responsible   for “corrupting”  her.  He’d  assumed—and  she  encouraged it—that  I was  taking  her  with me  to  go  clubbing  and picking up men. The funny thing? I never went clubbing and picking up men with her. Or with anyone. In fact, I was the only one of her circle of friends who wasn’t married and I was the only one  who didn’t go clubbing and bar hopping with her. I don’t blame her ex for what he thinks, though. She often told him she was hanging with me when she wasn’t.

But she got exactly what she wanted. She was facing 40 and, having relied on her looks all her life, she was nervous about the future. Her husband was talking about retiring. She saw her kids growing up, her being expected to go back to work…and that one day,  some day, men might not respond so quickly to her flirting. She didn’t like that future. So she decided to change it. She wanted to  feel  young  again.  She  needed  to  be  worshipped  by men. She spent much of her  conversations  reliving her glory days as an exotic dancer and playmate runner-up.

Proponents of the Law of Attraction advocate living the life before it happens so that you get used to how it “feels,” and she did—to a degree I have to envy. She really put on the raiment of the life she wanted.  She bleached her hair and donned halter tops and mini skirts, changed her “Redneck Woman”  country songs to “Candy Shop” music,  and began taking her children with her and her boyfriend  on  family   outings.  She  attracted  a  much younger man who would adore her and  lap every word from her lips and insist on taking care of her financially so that she never had to lift a finger. She was already living the life she  wanted before it manifested  legally. She was totally focused, totally committed, and she got exactly what and who she wanted.

Looking  at it through  the eyes of Universal Law, it’s so easy to see. Just connect the dots.

And then there’s the old friend who reappeared in my life last year, newly dumped by the abusive and mentally ill husband she adored. What she wanted was a man who would use and abuse her, punish her for her  petulance, lead her on a constant thrill ride of trauma and drama, and all the excitement  and danger of sticking your hand down an emotional  garbage disposal. She got what she wanted and she is still attracting it, thriving off of it. According to the Law of Attraction,  we attract at the  frequency at which we vibrate, and this is clear when I look at the person she is now versus the one I knew long ago.

She re-entered my life when she was at an all-time low and in dire need of a friend. And then suddenly, she was on top of the world…then in the depths of despair. She’d met a god of men who was everything she’d ever wanted.

Overnight, he lost interest. She was all highs and lows as she went from man to man—in bars, online, wherever— all quite eager to use and abuse and then toss her aside.

Meanwhile, she was happy to fall back into the old dynamic of giving me advice. She wanted me to join her and enjoy her lifestyle at the feet of men and refused to believe I couldn’t be so inclined because, after all, it was so much fun for her and surely if I’d just try it her way…. She thought I was sad and pathetic because I was alone. She wouldn’t leave it be. She stepped over the line, even after I’d warned her a second  time not to say the same cruel thing to me, but she likes playing the brat and while I have no inclination to be her fellow slave girl, I also have no desire to be her domme.

But I look at the life she lives and see the Law of Attraction in  full  force. She gets what she wants. She attracts it to her in a moth-to-flame sort of way. I personally don’t think what she’s doing right now is emotionally healthy, but I don’t think she’s looking for anyone to stop her.

So both of these two women got what they wanted and are still getting what they want. What about me? How did I attract these two women into (or back into) my life?

The  Treat  facilitated   my  introduction   to  the  first woman, through a mutual friend. I had said that as soon as my divorce was final,  then I wanted to create a new spiritual circle  of eclectic  talents  so we  could learn  together. A few weeks before my divorce decree, I was at The Treat’s place of business after a rather odd series of events over the past months, beginning  with a shoe sale and an argument with my supervisor and ending with me asking The Treat for help in his professional capacity. We got off-subject  and he casually  mentioned  a  friend was looking  for  a  spiritual  circle  and  that  she  had  other friends who were interested as well. Two months later, our circle met for the first time.

It didn’t last for long but for about six months, it was quite intense  and I learned so much new information. I was introduced  to new people,  too, who have been incredibly good sources of information and encouragement. But this is what I attracted to me that I had really wanted: new friends, new knowledge,  and some social fun, too. Though she is no longer in my life, the things I learned through my association with her have been invaluable.

As for the other woman, she also came into my life at just the right moment. I had heard next to nothing from her in many, many years and then, wham! What preceded the “wham!”  was some  self-reflection  on the nature of dominance and submission in relationships and my trying to ascertain whether I had any submissive streak and the psychology behind  such  relationships  and personalities. Out  of  the  blue,  this  woman  shows  up…with  an  announcement that she’s a slave  girl. So she proceeded to educate me on the mindset of a submissive,  cementing The Treat’s assertion that I’m more dominant than I realize and helping me to understand how the two extremes can play together in ways I like. The re-connection of our friendship  didn’t  stick  but  the  things  I  have  learned through  my brief re-association  with her have  been invaluable.

So both  women,  while  attracting  what  they  wanted into their own lives, held answers to my questions. It wasn’t their long-term friendships that I attracted—though  I enjoyed it while it lasted, I knew with both women that it was only for the short term. No, I wanted knowledge, and the Universe arranged it for me. That’s what was attracted for me.

That’s what I wanted.


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