The December Assessment — What I Called In

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Contrast.

A month ago, I listed all the things I was calling in for the month. Here’s how it turned out….

Attract Him Back


+ In this month, I have 3 kid-free weekends,  including New  Year’s Eve. I put it out to the Universe to receive some fun invitations, something low-key and pleasant, whether it’s a weekend trip to Epcot, a holiday cruise, a concert, a walk on the beach, whatever. I call in a few days or evenings of fun, either in town or out of it. Come on, Universe: surprise me!

—I definitely got some great invitations, though many I couldn’t take  advantage of because of my dad’s death. And oddly, others were because of the funeral and family events. Amid  all the grieving,  there  were  also  low-key, pleasant connections with family and old friends not seen in  years—decades,  even—and  that  was  interesting  the way the  grief  and  comfort  were  balanced.  Fascinating, too, the way old relationships were rebirthed  into something new. Old dynamics where I was the one who was always advised and suddenly the tables were turned and I was the one doing the counseling. Odd, that.

+ I  call  in  a  pleasant  visit  with  my  parents/family around Christmas, including a walk in the woods or in the fields or some other way that brings me close to Nature.

—Sigh. Well, a pleasant visit with my mom and family around Christmas. I got my walk in the woods, too. Barefoot. And in the fields, more than once.

+ I call in a beautiful home over the holidays, stressfree and pleasant.

—Yes, yes, and yes. I love my home.

+ I call in a resolution  to my roofer problems  and a check for damage reimbursement.

— I don’t know about the resolution since I was out

of town a lot, but I did get the case re-opened after they closed it without notifying me and in spite of my blindcourtesy-copied  correspondence  to  someone  more  important…heh.

+ I call in wonderful, mentally stimulating conversation.

—Definitely!  I had  some  of the  best  conversations

I’ve had in the past year.

+ I call in a finish to my fall cleaning and straightening that will leave me feeling lighter and happier.

—Maybe not entirely finished, but an awful lot’s been

done. Just a little left to do (by comparison).

Life Coaching Tips

+ I call in fun reunions  with old friends and blessed gatherings with new ones.

—Yes, see above. Though one of the gatherings with new friends got postponed due to all the guests but one having  the  flu  bug  that   was  going  around  in  midDecember.

+ I call in some  pleasant  nights  under  the stars or maybe with my toes in the sand.

—No toes in the sand but definitely in the grass and several nice nights under the stars.

+ I call in a protected, less stressful time at work. Definitely. A total surprise, too, given how the month


+ I call in good health and strong, heel-worthy legs!

—Hmmm, yeah. I’ve stayed really healthy all month, with a couple of run-ins with allergies, but otherwise, all’s been really good.

+ I call in fun new experiences  and interesting new knowledge.

In spite of everything, yes and yes.

+ I call in the completion  of at least 3 book projects currently in whatever stage (completion defined as out to the printers, at least).

—Yes, though  not necessarily  book  projects.  Turns out some web projects and e-courses got included in the mix unexpectedly.

+ I call in feeling good and happiness for my girls and for myself.

—Yes, nicely. Sorrow, too, but there was feeling good and happiness, yes.

+ I call in more protection to help a couple of friends stay safe and  grounded amid a transition as they claim/ reclaim their power.

—Best I can tell, yes, they’ve both done well and are in a lighter, better place now.

+ I call in lots of book sales

Not sure on this one…I have yet to run December’s numbers and I had to postpone some good opps because of the funeral, but they’re still out there.

+ I call in strength and serenity for my mom. Yes.

+ I call in an utterly  surprising  and wonderful  moment that will sweep me off my feet (Universe’s Choice!)

—Not sure about this one, but, well, okay. Yes, there was an utterly surprising moment when I realized something I had not understood  before. So the moment  that swept me off my feet was in the past, not in the future. But a sweep-worthy moment, nonetheless.

Looking back, I’m glad I called in so much positivity during what was otherwise a difficult emotional month. I needed a lot of positive energy to balance this month.


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