Religious Bigots, Hypocrites, and Wiccans Disguised as Good Christians

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Contrast.

Grrrr. I’m still highly offended.

Attract Him Back

Out of  deference  to  my  children—and  the  several times this  has happened—I’ll  keep  it  vague,  but  I am righteously pissed off. Not that you read my journal. That would require you to actually  explore my  beliefs  rather than violating your own holy book by judging me outright. And where’s the fun in that?

You might  discover  that  I  was  a  Christian  for  35 years,  Southern Baptist, dedicated to God before I was born…and how I follow  through on that is between me and Him, not you. Or that I can quote  the Bible better than you can, as if that matters. Or teach you something about Biblical  history.  Or  play  the  pipe  organ  in your church with a  hand on each keyboard and both feet on the scale on the floor pedals, with a 16-foot bourdon and a 2.5-foot flute playing on one manual an  octave higher than written and full open diapasons at 32, 16, 8, 4, and 2 feet,  whether  it  be  prelude,  offertory,  or  benediction, praise be and hallelujah!  You might find that I really do believe in Jesus and angels and prayer and miracles, too, and that the same God I worshipped as a Christian is the same one I worship now, just with a little different name and a lot  better understanding.  But that  would  require you to actually seek the truth rather than spout platitudes about seeking the truth.

(By the way, God said to tell you that if He’s okay with me calling myself Wiccan, then why is it a problem to you? And then He said  something  about a beam in your eye? I dunno. He said you’d know what He was talking about and I shouldn’t worry about it, so let’s consider that message delivered and move on.)

But back to you….

Apparently it’s okay to push your religion on my children when I’ve never discussed mine with yours. In fact, I believe  I’ve  said  half  a  dozen  words  to your  kids and most  of  those  were  either  “Hi,”  “Hello,”  or  “Hey.”  I don’t recall anything about “Hail, Child of Satan” while I was reminding your kid not to put dirty feet on the furniture, though I might have been sorely tempted.

It’s also okay, apparently, for you to be a bad influence on my  children. Even by Christian standards. Personally, I don’t want them  anywhere  near you, but I’m broadminded enough to let them explore the world they live in and make their own decisions.

Yet, here I sit…not out there drinking it up or drugging it up or smoking it up or sexing it up…and yet I’m the one who’s evil, who’s deemed a bad influence on you and yours.

I am sick and tired of people observing  my morals and my actions and then telling me what a “good Christian woman” I am, only to discover that I believe in God in a little different way than they do. And then I’m evil. A bad influence. A danger to a family that’s already brimming with a whole laundry list of sins that I’m not having the fun of participating in, darn you. Pass some of those sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll this-a-way, will ya?

But go ahead, pass your judgment, traipse back to the Baptist  Church,  and be all sanctimonious.  Stay  far, far away from my “evil”  family. Please. No, really. No kidding. Please stay far away. Because  I  really do not want your way of living influencing my children.


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