Powerful Intentions for a New Year

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Contrast.

It hit me on my way home from work. I already know what my intentions (not resolutions) will be for 2007, and I’m going to get a head start on them. As of tonight.

Attract Him Back

Last year, the phrase I lived by was: risk everything! That was hard. I’ve  been doing that one for 3 years in a row now, taking really scary risks  and  putting  my heart out there (my heart being the most terrifying thing to risk after a divorce) and going after what I want. It hasn’t always yielded  a payoff  to embrace  literally,  and  yet,  the  best things that have come to me in the past 3 years have been because I risked everything.

Risk is about fighting the fear of loss. It’s about deciding that the gain received from the risk is and will always be worth more than any potential for loss. It’s also about focusing on  the  success  that  comes  with  risk,  because why risk if you think it’s going to fail. So that’s a  good mindset—the idea that if I can just force myself to move on  something that captivates my heart, then the results will be worth the effort and then some.

This year,  it’s time to start reaping the rewards of all that risk.  But of course,  how can I reap  the rewards   if I deny myself?  So  this year’s phrase of intention is:  Allow miracles! Not just to expect them  (yes, folks, I am expecting things to happen again,  good things,  and it’s okay for me to have expectations  and to expect things and if you think  otherwise,                                                              then steer clear of me because I don’t  need  that kind of limited, damaged thinking from you anymore!). No, not just to expect miracles, but to let them come to me, with my arms open wide and excited to see them coming and knowing that they’re there. No more beating myself up and telling myself that I have to “expect nothing.”  Honey,  I am  expecting  everything and I’m allowing all the good stuff to come into my life that I’ve been unwittingly pushing away by telling myself I had to  “expect  nothing.”  Ye  Gods,  what  terrible  advice  I swallowed! “Nothing” was what I got, and from now on, it’s good  stuff… though  to  some,  that  good stuff  may seem like a miracle. And that’s okay, because this will be a year of some wonderful miracles and I’m now open to receiving them.

Each year, I also pick a verb, a good solid action word to constitute my focus for the year. Last year, it was manifest. I wasn’t doing much with manifesting, I didn’t think, at the time the verb first came to mind, but it really has been my focus all year and I’ve brought many things from the Ether to the mental and emotional and some are already in the physical and others are very close behind. So everything  I  expect for 2007 has already been put into play and is manifesting  for me now and in the next few months.

So my action verb for 2007 is a result of all that manifesting. That’s because I know the results of what I’ve risked are  coming to me presently  and I’m excited and intending to savor these new successes,  new friendships, new prosperity, and love.

Yes, my action verb for 2007 is…enjoy.


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