An Instant Feel-Good Exercise Goes Exponential

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Contrast.

Several days ago, I did a brief exercise for my Law of Attraction work: I started remembering and writing down different  moments/events/phrases/conversations/etc with men I’ve liked (though  I only went as far back as one and haven’t had to look beyond that one relationship for some really great feel-good moments, though I started to  look at the next one back went, bleah.) The purpose was to call up those wonderful feelings of falling in love and just feeling all warm and fuzzy and giggly-happy and innocent with someone of the opposite sex.

Attract Him Back

I stopped  after  a  certain  time  frame  and  about  4 pages. But I  kept thinking about how good it felt that every time I’ve thought of something else I liked, I added it to my list. I am now at 8 pages, 164 separate and distinct  joyful  moments/events/things   I  really  liked.  The more I thought about these little joys, the more I remembered. Things I hadn’t thought of in many, many months. Some things  I’d forgotten,  though I would  never  have thought I would.

I’ll keep adding to the list. For now, at least.

They’re little things. Some silly, some serious. But just little things that really struck a chord with me.

Like this guy sang snippets of songs to me. Like how he handled a very difficult ethical dilemma. An endearing story about an elderly family member. Stuff other women probably wouldn’t appreciate in the same  way  I do and might not even bat an eyelash at. But impressive to me.

Meanwhile, if there’s  someone  who makes  you feel special, either past or present, and you want to feel really terrific for a few  minutes,  I challenge you to make your own list. And if it’s someone you’re trying to work things out with or make up your mind about, the results might surprise you.


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