Visualization Experiment

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Below.

I decided to conduct an experiment today with visualizing and manifesting.  I decided to pick three things and visualize the most positive outcome I could think of and actively focus on it. Three different types of events.

Attract Him Back

  1. Well, parking spaces are always good for this! I got

hung up a little in traffic on the way to work so I decided to work on visualizing getting a good parking spot, even though there’s never a good  parking spot at 8 AM and I normally have to park a good 15 minute’s hike away from my office. Today, I decided, there’d be a good parking spot.  The  second  one on the  left  behind  my  building. That one or one just as good.

Instead of taking the long road to the parking lot in East Egypt, I veered right and headed toward the back of my building, something I rarely bother to do at…8:02 AM, thanks to traffic. All the way, I’m visualizing the second space on the left. When I’m within sight of it, I see a white car already there and not another spot among the spaces  to  the   left…but   there’s  one  right  across  the street…second one on the right.

When I came back from lunch, I visualized an empty spot in a great location and guess which one was empty? The white car was just pulling out of the second space on the left.

  1. I had to walk over to another building this morning and decided to drop by the Bowling  Alley’s grill to pick up a coke for my meeting. As I walked in, I realized that I’d forgotten it was Friday and some groups  meet there for breakfast and staff meetings on a regular basis. I saw the long line and almost decided it wasn’t worth waiting 20 or 30 minutes for a coke.

Then I visualized the line suddenly shorter and myself at the counter  buying a coke. I did this as I got in the back of the line.

The two guys in front of me were talking and suddenly decided to get the special—which saved considerable time. The women in front of the guys looked up and saw a group  of women  from  their  former  office  from years ago, squealed with delight, and announced that they were going to the back of the line behind me to wait in line  with them and catch up on gossip. And suddenly I was next in line and buying my coke.

  1. Last night, I’d gone to my printer’s site to see when the proof is to  arrive for a project I sent to them last weekend. To my shock, the title had been cancelled. No reason given. Just…the printer had cancelled it.

I’d fired off a quick question, after hours naturally, to the printer’s rep to find out what had happened. Had they suddenly (as a former printer had done) gotten offended by my spirituality? I’d have to wait to find out.

On the way to work this morning, I visualized talking to the  printer’s rep and learning that it was just a computer glitch, courtesy of Mercury in retrograde and everything was fine and I wouldn’t even have to reload the files and I’d have the proof before Thanksgiving. At 8:06, just as I walked into my office, I heard from the rep: they’d had a computer glitch, the title had been accidentally cancelled and she had no way of  knowing which ones had been affected, all was fine, I wouldn’t even have to reload the files, and I’ll have the proof by Tuesday, plus a lot of apologies.

Hmmmm. It’s time to visual some sexy and smart guy

knocking on my door….


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