Top Ten Spiritual Posts of 2010 (thus far!)

The top ten spiritual posts of  2010 (as of 10 May):


  1. The Vertex: a Turning Point of Fate
  2. The Astrology of Meeting “The One”
  3. Big Changes: Solar Return Sun in the Eighth House (Applied Astrology Series)
  4. Empathic Abilities and Connections: “The Feeling”
  5. Notes from the Universe and What Mike Dooley of Unexpectedly Taught Me
  6. Sacred Space: Create your Own Holy Ground
  7. The Compelling Little Things: Your Facebook Status Can Betray You
  8. Raising the Vibration of Your Home
  9. Despite Economic Hard Times, Pagans Dig Deep to Help
  10.   The Boomerang Effect, aka Karma and the Threefold Law

Flying By Night novel

The bottom ten spiritual posts of  2010 (as of 10 May):

  1. Parenting as a Portal, Or, Why I Never Give Parenting Advice
  2.   My Garden Gives Me Little Surprises (Or Is It the Fairies?)
  3.   Is There a Witch Next Door?
  4.   How to Uncover Old Triggers and Release Explosive Feelings
  5.   Fulfilling Childhood Dreams
  6. Favorite Productivity Tools
  7. Compassion Is Not Weakness
  8.   Applied Personal Development Means Evolving into Your Best Self
  9. Altars for Children
  10. A Frustrating Moment of No Movement…or Is It a Powerful Pause?


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