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Oh, man. Oh…wow. Just wow. Oh…yeah.

Attract Him Back

Pardon my near-orgasmic mumblings but I’m damned near giddy  right now. Five minutes ago, I completed  a major project. I mean, M * A * J * O * R. And it’s beautiful and so full of so many good things.  Tomorrow,  I’ll send it to the printer’s, but I really want to look at it one last time with a fresh(er) eye and have Shannon take a look when she returns from her speech competition  because she’s got a good eye for design.

My friend Maggie Shayne once told me that when she finishes a manuscript,  she declares, “The creature lives!” Yes, all that manifesting has gone from the Ether to my mind  to  my  hand  to  pixel  and  print  and  paper.  I’ve birthed another project from The Void into The Physical.

I’ll probably hit the next project later tonight or in the

morning. I think this is one of those things that separate me from so  many people I know, and hinders their understanding of me.

One of my  colleagues  once  called  me  “The Poster

Girl for  Productivity”  simply  because  I spent  my  evenings manifesting stories instead of kicked back, watching reruns on TV. He’d always longed to “write a book,” too, but even though he admired all the things I seem to accomplish in my “spare” time, he has yet to punch the off button on the remote and pick up a pen. And that’s been

15 years ago.

It seems strange to me that people slave away at the office all day, then come home and make dinner, turn on the TV and fall asleep in front of it, waking long enough to look at their spouses once a week and  suggest some sexual exercise equivalent to a commercial break. Yet, so many of my colleagues claim to do just that. It seems a little surreal to me, but to them, I’m the one who’s odd.

Bored people tend to be boring people, I think, and I desperately  need mental stimulation. I have occasionally asked a man who might be a romantic partner to collaborate with me on such a creation, but so far, they’ve been all talk and no action. Most aren’t even talk and aren’t the slightest bit interested in a joint venture into the creative realms.

And so I too often find myself bored around people who say they are bored, and there I am, gnawing through my restraints,  eager to write a song or a poem or a new chapter.

Anything to play midwife to this army  of creatures

I’m creating in my lifetime.


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