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It’s not uncommon  for me to feel The Dead when they are nearby. It doesn’t frighten me, no more so than feeling angels nearby. It’s a gift I’ve had for as long as I can remember, but it became especially strong in my teen years.

Attract Him Back


I certainly felt them in the room with Daddy back in  2000, in the ICU when he was giving Mama and me funeral  instructions.  The  two  presences  I felt most  were Daddy’s daddy and his old friend, Willie. But there were other old aunts and uncles on the  periphery.  That’s an odd sensation to feel the veil lifting. Most people who’ve sensed that don’t talk about it. They’re afraid of ridicule from  people who haven’t experienced it. I talk about it because it’s far more  common than anyone thinks, and every time I’m forthcoming,  people tell me privately that they, too, know and just thought they were crazy.

A few nights before Daddy died, I felt an…agitation in the Ether, for lack of a better term. Things were stirred up. I felt the heaviness I associate with a heart patient all around me in the hours just before his death and at that time, but when I arrived in Georgia for the funeral, I was surprised that I didn’t sense him there. I’d expected to. Good grief, I’m an empath! Feel is what I do. But he was not there. I didn’t sense his presence at all until a little bit at the funeral. I sensed my mother’s father (Alva) there, all the time, but not my own.

I had the impression that Daddy was spending time on the other side with his mama, that the two of them had lots to discuss in terms of karma and how they plan to play it in  their next lives, given the dynamic between them in this one. I’m not  complaining.  It’s an easy dynamic to see.

Elizabeth was pregnant  with him when she married on Valentine’s Day 1926, forced (in her day) into a marriage with a man beneath her social station in life, given she was from a lineage of very wealthy plantation owners. She left town, married in Florida, and tried  her best to hide her “premature”  baby with a September birthdate. But technology  catches up with us all, and his birth certificate eventually came to light with a date a month earlier than we’d always celebrated and a marriage license to we were already aware of. That explained a lot.

She always seemed to hold him responsible for her lot in life rather than accept responsibility for his conception. I never saw any maternal response to him, ever. She spent over 80 years withholding the one thing he wanted, and he spent  his entire  life yearning  for his mother’s  love. That dynamic affected everything  else in the family. The pull and push  of  their relationship  was a great teacher, not necessarily  of all good things. I have seen too many family members turn their backs on their  own children, and of course, it was always there, always modeled for us by   their  relationship.  It’s  why  I  never,  when  I  was younger, wanted a  little boy. I was afraid then that I’d somehow follow the family pattern. I know now that I’ve broken the pattern and that I could love a son as much as a daughter, but I didn’t know that for many, many years.

Life Coaching Tips

No wonder it took at least four days for Daddy and his mother to work through things and for him to return to spend time with his children and grandchildren.

By Sunday, he was all around me. I don’t think he’s worked through it all yet, but I do think he’s now thinking about someone other than his mother.


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