My Crystal Necklace Has a Life of Its Own

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Below.

I have a special crystal necklace I wear all the time. Someone dear to  me made it last spring and it was lost for a while before she actually gave it to me. It managed to criss-cross Florida a couple of times and finally arrived at my home. I’ve been wearing it since Summer Solstice and it has a special purpose and meaning for me.

Attract Him Back

It’s been unchanged for the past 6 months. Until this week.

Over last weekend,  I woke from a meditation  during which it had shifted. I had a cut on my shoulder. Tiny but noticeable. I thought I must have scratched myself, but I don’t have long nails.

Most of the time, the necklace hangs from a long satin cord,  perfectly  balanced  between  my  breasts.  I wear  it where my heart chakra is engaged rather than my throat chakra, though I’ve used it on my brow chakra in meditations.

On a different day, I wore it with a high, lacy bra that didn’t allow the necklace to fall naturally, and I felt a subtle pricking at my skin. Had  the wire wrap around the necklace broken? Was it sticking me?

I checked and found the wrap to be just fine.

I took a nap yesterday after having been at work before daylight to give a lecture. During my nap, my necklace shifted  and I felt  something  sharp  yet again.  This time I checked out the necklace under a bright light.

To my surprise, the necklace is growing!

Originally, it was just two quartz points that had not broken  apart,  and  with  a  third  point  growing  with  it. Now, the largest point is far sharper and longer, the second point now has a twin point—both sharper—and the smallest point is now about to have a twin point as well. The opposite ends show some jagged growth as well.

I was aware that crystals grow—I have a wand that I cannot get out  of it’s perch on the wall—but I was still surprised!  I’m not sure why it suddenly decided to grow after being in my energy and imbued with other energies for  so  many  months,  removed  only  for  safety  during bricklaying, showers, and…hmmmm, that’s it. It’s not like it just suddenly started zinging with energy but something in the frequency is different

What’s always been special just became even more so.


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