Going with the Flow…of Energy

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Below.

I’ve learned a huge lesson that you’d think would be a no-brainer,  but   not  for  me.  I  haven’t  perfected  it yet.  Something tells me I’ll get the chance to try.

Attract Him Back

I am learning to flow with whatever  energy is prevalent.                This idea struck me about two weeks ago when I got a wild hair to clean and declutter right now. Okay, so how often               in  one lifetime does    this            happen?   Two?  Three, tops?  This is important,  I told myself.  I hate cleaning and I’ve always been a terrible packrat, so to get that kind of urge, that strongly, well, it must mean something.

The energy behind it was forceful, like a fire hose, and instead  of  walking  away  to  calmer  energies,  I  jumped right in, grabbed hold, and went where it told me.  That meant a solid 12 hours of picking up, cleaning up, throwing stuff out, etc, with the arms of an octopus.   I could not walk through  a room  to take something  elsewhere without picking up a watering can or a kid’s notebook or cleaning  a  counter  or  putting  away  a  dish  or  something.  It was hardcore ADHD energy like a whirlwind all over  the house.                                                                     Though  five dozen trips  through  the same room were needed to finish doing everything that needed  doing in  that  room  and those  five dozen  trips were spread out over the whole day, it got done. And yes, there’s more left to do, but 26 super-lawn-size  bags of trash later, there was a visible difference in the house.

The energy  was one of serious  housecleaning,  both physically and emotionally.  The approach I took was, if I were moving in a week and had no time to sell anything on eBay, what would I not take with me?  The answer to that question was in 26 bags of trash. I did  not, note, touch either girl’s room.  That will be left for them to do when the urge strikes (and may it strike soon, oh ye Goddess Hestia, hail and welcome!).

I could have worked  on writing, editing, gardening, shopping, whatever that day, but instead, I just went with the energy and rode it hard to clean and clean out.  Who knows when, if ever, that energy will strike again?

I’ve had a few days recently where the urge came just to rest.  Or just to write my heart out.   Or just to relax and have some fun.  Or just to edit, edit, edit.  Or just to go stick my feet in the grass or the sand and connect with the Universe.

I am learning not to fight the feeling, not to resist the energy.  I don’t have to summon  it.   It’s just there, and when it comes, it has a purpose with it.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to be thumbing my nose at my boss and heading to the beach, but I’m going with the flow a lot more than I used to and taking advantage of the direction of the river of energy rather than swimming upstream to do something else I’ve convinced myself I should be doing.

I’m finding that if the energy isn’t there, it takes a lot longer and a lot harder to push through and make something happen, but when the energy is there, everything is E * A * S * Y.


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