Dream Reunions and Differences of Opinions

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Below.

A couple of cousins I haven’t seen in decades came to visit this morning while I slept in, one in particular. They probably don’t know they were here.

Attract Him Back

They came in the Ether, which tends to happen only with those I do energy work with or for or with those with whom I have a karmic tie. This was a High Self visit. I’m by no means a shaman or  an expert at this kind of thing, but I know the feel of it when it happens.

The visit came in a meditative dream, one I shoved aside and didn’t think about until I sat down at the computer later and had a cyberstalker alert showing this particular person had been all over my website this morning at  the  exact time  of  my  dream.  (The  alert  comes  only when someone hits a certain high number of pages on a regular basis—not a regular subscriber kind of thing or a first-time  discoverer  thing.)  That  alert,  versus  anything else, made me go back and think about the dream visitation. Without this “sign,” I would have ignored the dream and I don’t usually ignore dream visitations.

My psychic relevance to these particular cousins goes back to when  I  was 14 and first getting my “gift” and would have prophetic  dreams about various issues, such as accidents.  I shut it off for most of my teen years because seeing  the deaths  coming was just too much for me.  It’s also another reason I’ve always known my dad and his  mother  would  pass  within  a short  window  of time. Their lives were so intimately connected on a soul- level.

The feel to this dream-visit was like most others. The biggest difference was that it took place in my house. My current house. Which is not the same as the metaphysical house. This was not an exploration to  see who I could find  in  my  metaphysical  house,  that  internal  structure where most of these dreams take place, but it was their attempt to explore who I am. Interesting. The only other person to visit me in my current house to explore my beliefs and thoughts has been The Treat, and he’s  actually been in my house.

My cousins appeared to me not as they look now and not  as  they  looked  when  I last saw  them.  They  were, more or less, appearing as they wanted to be, maybe mid- to-late  twenties  and very pretty. Much the  way I often show up in the Ether in a flowy, filmy white dress, taller, thinner, with long brown hair and…a breeze around me. Much like  Granddaddy  appeared  to me in his twenties once and scared the bejeezus out of me before reverting to something  I recognized.  I get a  kick out of the way people design their form at times. So my cousins weren’t immediately recognizable  by their appearance  but rather, by their energy.

They were also very calm and solemn, which was surprising. Calm and solemn is not something in my experience with  them  from long ago. But they were exploring some thoughts as well. Their experience with their grand- mother had been quite different from mine with her, but then, they were the favored grandchildren, so this makes sense to me. They  could  not understand  my emotions when theirs were different.  But then, who we are in the present is the culmination of our past experiences and the changes in us that they’ve  affected. And our pasts with the same person were not the same.

I’ve seen  many  times  in  my  family  where  children (small or adult) were never told their value, or worse—told  their  lack  of  value—and  yet  neighbors,   church friends, and various acquaintances  tired of constant  barrage of how great the kid  was. The neighbors,  friends, and acquaintances had no idea that the children never or very rarely heard the same kind words of praise or appreciation. I remember the first time I heard from somebody in town that she was sick and tired of hearing how great I was from my daddy  when he visited  her store. My response?  “You  must  have  me  confused  with  someone else.”

But it’s not just the family I’m from. I see it in my colleagues who  never shut up about their perfect kids and then  hear  them  on  the  phone  telling  their  kids  what screw-ups they are. Maybe this is something that permeates all out society. If so, I can’t stop it, but there’s one place I can make a difference.

I have the greatest kids in the world. They are everything I have ever wanted in two daughters. Everything.

I’ll tell the world that, and mean it. I’ve told them that before, many  times, but I’ll make sure to tell them that more often. Starting now.


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