Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Below.

Ac-cel-er-ant                                      –noun

  1. something that speeds up a process.
  2. Chemistry. . any substance that increases the speed of a chemical change, as one that increases the rate of vulcanization of rubber or  that  hastens the setting of concrete, mortar, plaster, or the like
  3. a substance that accelerates the spread of fire or makes a fire  more  intense:  Arson  was  suspected  when  police found accelerants at the scene of the fire.

Attract Him Back


All my life, I have been around people who prayed devoutly  for  the  things  they  wanted.             I’ve  also  been around atheists and agnostics  who have put tremendous thought and energy toward the things they wanted. In the past decade,  I’ve  been  around  numerous  pagans,  Wic cans, witches, etc, who have conducted magick with the intent and belief of getting what they wanted.  It’s all the same thing,  regardless  of what they call it—prayer,  energy, magick, quantum physics, focus, attraction, magnetism, whatever.

One of  the  things  that  irritates  me  greatly  is  to hear people  pray loud and long and hard for something and utterly believe it will happen and then they never do anything more to get it.  I always thought to myself, God gave you a brain to think with and two hands to work with and an ass to sit on and wait for God to figure out how to give it to you when He’s already given you everything you need to make it happen.   I’ve seen people do spells and rituals for prosperity and good  job prospects and yet never act on any of them.   Oh, eventually they found a job that sorta fell into their laps but it wasn’t necessarily the best that the Gods had to offer and it took an awful long time.  The Gods showed quite a few prospects that  were  overlooked  in  favor  of  waiting  for  it  to  be handed over on a silver platter with a big, flashing neon sign that said, “Take this job now!!!”

Flying By Night novel

So  while  prayer, energy,              magick—whatever you choose  to  call  it—can take  a  while  to  fall  into  place, there’s an accelerant available  to speed things along and change  the  results  from  passive  to  active.  Sometimes things take a long while.  Sometimes they take seemingly forever if you’re not willing to take action.

This month, I intend to be very active in going after everything I want.


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