Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Below.

We decided this year to have a happy home during the holidays. No matter what. A warm and loving place full of all things  we  love  and  with  an upbeat  energy.  Yes, there are tensions elsewhere and things  aren’t  perfect in other areas and some of our friends and family seemed damned and determined to be miserable, but not us.

Attract Him Back

We’re enjoying  each  other,  avoiding  the  malls,  and working  together to manifest all the things we want, including creating picture frames of happy future moments we envision.

We saved most of the outdoor plants from the freeze, took a few of  them back outside, and finally decorated the family room, with a little bit  else to decorate inside and outside the house. We’d had a bit of bad news a couple of weeks ago, so we waited until the tree-decorating wouldn’t be tainted with bad memories.  We’re not done but we’re trying to enjoy  the decorating rather than the “chore” of decorating.  That means  trying  to get rid of deadlines we impose on ourselves for the holidays.

There  was  one  funny  moment  in  the  decorating, though. Apparently last year, I’d bought some stockings to hang by the  fireplace,  but I’d forgotten  or had misplaced them. I did remember that I’d bought two for the girls.

This year, I opened a box and pulled out the two for the girls, the fancier green and purple stockings. Then, to my  surprise,  I  found  two  more,  the  solid  green  and slightly smaller solid purple. One for me? I guessed. And the other for…?

Then I got the giggles joking about searching throughout  the  kingdom  and  marrying  the  prince  whose  foot would fit that stocking.  Yeah, I know—small feet, thick ankles!

I decided to put up the extra stocking anyway. I liked the visual  interpretation  of expanding  my family  again, and I’m open to that stocking being filled for someone.


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