Vision — The Perfect Evening

It’s another vision, and it’s a lovely one for this special Tuesday  when the  Law  of  Attraction  is  in  full  effect. Hold these thoughts  in mind,  relish them in your own way, recreate  them in your own spheres.  Do  what you will with it, but this is what I see.

His third chakra is doing flip-flops  as he steps foot onto my driveway. This is sacred ground, and he knows it. The hardest part is over, done. It’s time for progress.

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Ebb and Flow.

This is my turf. Flowers of orange passion energy and raspberry-red-purple   energy.  There’s  the  curve  of  the drive, the flowers still lush in late Autumn, the brick path to my front door.

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

And he is nervous but he will not turn back. Not this time. He will see it through. The door is turquoise green, with unusual marking around the door, runes for all sorts of blessings.

The door  opens  and  I stand  on the  other side,  all smiles and worth the butterflies. There’s a warm hug and sometime  later there is time on my new patio, its stones reflecting the light in odd ways, us sitting with glasses of wine by the fire pit and talking, talking, talking, laughing.

There’s a hammock that beckons as the night wears on, a  hammock  perfect for lining with a heavy blanket and curling up in  under  the cool night air and beneath another warm blanket and just watching the stars fall and the moon growing full while we whisper our dreams.

This is peaceful,  intimate,  warm,  relished,  magickal. This is perfect.


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