Hump Day Musings

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Ebb and Flow.

I’m not sure where the term “hump day” originated but I first heard it as a teen. The idea of Wednesday being Hump Day and getting over the “hump” of the week and towards the weekend was quite appealing.

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

I’ve been a bit impatient this week. Not heavily, but

enough for me to notice. I want things to move faster in certain areas,  smoother in others. A third of October is gone  already  and,  gee,  wasn’t  it  just  May  yesterday? Things move too fast and yet not fast  enough where I want them to. I want what I want and I want it now. But haven’t I always?

So as far as getting over the hump of this week, a few

bumps have surprised me.

– Where the hell did I ever get the idea a few years ago that I might be sexually submissive? I’ve had some interesting talks recently with true Alpha Males. Research. For a book project. Really. Yes, really. I have no time of day for these guys or their demands. To each his own, yes, but they’re not for me. But me, submissive? Pshh. Somewhere along the way, one little kink that I misunderstood, and I totally  missed  the boat. And  given  my Southern Baptist background, it makes perfect psychological sense. That one little kink? Oh, that’s private. But I’ll tell the right man one day. And the right man won’t be an Alpha.

–  I  sprang  out  of  bed  this  morning  and…okay, “sprang” is not the right word. I got tangled in my satin sheets, stumbled out of bed, and twisted my knee a little. It was fine by mid-morning  but initially, I couldn’t  walk on it. I realize,  after having knee problems  and all the abuse from my fencing days, that they’ll always be a weak spot and susceptible to injury. The powerwalks this week have been good for me,  but Christopher  Penczak commented a few days ago on viewing the caretaking  of the body as a spiritual  matter.  Growing  up, I always heard that “Your body is a temple,”  meaning don’t drink beer before going to church, but something in the way Christopher regarded  the mundane in such a spiritual way hit home with me.

– I am seriously  looking  forward to my trip  to the Florida Pagan  Gathering  in the Ocala-Altoona-Daytona area  where  I’ll  be  teaching  several  workshops.  They’re expecting 750 attendees and hoping for 2000! This will be a great chance meet some of my long-time online friends, like M.R. Sellars, Dorothy Morrison, Kristin Madden, and get  to hear Emerald Rose live (my fav has always been “Pagan Girl”). I’m not sure why, but this trip feels like a turning point in a lot of ways. I know the last time I was in the Daytona  area, that energy was really good for me and sped up some changes that needed to happen.

– I think that by the time I return from my trip to Altoona, I’ll be launching this new career, at least part-time. Once I get it going, I could  spend 3 mornings  a week with clients—in  person  or by phone—and  make dollar for dollar what I’m grossing now working 40+ hours a week in a high-stress, low-heart environment. That would give me time to grow the business to keep my client base steady, and spend my other daylight hours writing, publishing, pursuing spiritual study, and maybe even having a life outside of work. Time for a partnership,  even. The problem  is the transition, but I realized last night that I can change my work hours and have every other Friday or Monday off—and I could, during my transition, spend that day off with clients.  Or traveling.  Or doing  more workshops. So there is a way to do this, just maybe, in the interim without causing financial distress. I wouldn’t have noticed or thought about it had I not encountered people I don’t respect doing what I want to do. No other situation in the world would have caused me to react this way. (But that doesn’t mean I’ll thank them, at least not until they’ve paid what they legally owe me.)

– This is a period of great healing, I think. And opportunity. For me,  and for others reading. Right now, I’m expanding outward as much as possible, because I know next year, I’ll be pulling in and focusing on what’s working, and I don’t know exactly what’s working yet. But I will.  Right now, things are lining up. This is the part of the puzzle that was foretold a couple of years ago. I am seeing before me the memories of  different Tarot readings of the past few years, where I am seeing what I want manifest…slower than I’d like but solidly.  Building  my life of abundance before taking the next step. And since I don’t really feel  “abundant”  in my day job, I think the Universe is pushing gently, gently, harder, harder, harder for me to make it happen sooner rather than later.

And with that, happy Hump Day!