The World’s Oldest Indigo Child

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Truth.

I adore astrologer Robert Wilkinson, whom I think is about  the  best  modern  astrologers  we  have.  I’m  sure there are others out there who are also as skilled but he has an easy way of explaining what’s pertinent to the fans of his websites.

Life Coaching Tips

I’ve known  for  years  that  I  have  Moon,  Mercury, Mars, Jupiter,  Saturn, and my South Node in Aquarius. The only person I know of with as much Aquarius  as I have is Maggie Shayne. Maybe M.R. Sellars.

I knew it was quite a line-up but I got a kick out of it when Wilkinson mentioned that I was born at one of the most exceptional  times  in the past few centuries. There are only so many times that the planets line up like that. And  I  do  remember   various   fundamentalist   Baptist preachers telling me as a child that when all the planets lined up, then it foretold the end of the world.

So just for fun…(and if my eyes could make out the tiny print on the ephemeris!)..let’s  see how rare this really was.

Saturn was in Aquarius:

From 6 January 1959 to 4 March 1967

Jupiter was in Aquarius:

From 16 March 1961 to 26 March 1962

Mars was in Aquarius:

2 February 1962 to 13 March 1962

So only people born between 2 February 1962 and 13

March 1962 would have this line-up.

I went back through the ephemeris to see where these three planets last matched up…okay, so I was looking for someone with a similar astrological “birthday” and found that  when  Saturn  was  previously  in  Aquarius  (1697  to 1700), Saturn  left  the  sign  about  three  months  before Jupiter arrived.  Before that, both were in Aquarius from 1 February 1404 to 12 February 1404, but March had already left Aquarius by then.  I got back to the late 1100’s and gave in.  Okay, yes, an unusual line-up and a very exceptional time to be born, more so than I’d thought.

The “true” visionary Aquarius? (Who is probably either in a Top  Secret Government  think tank or institutionalized somewhere):   Born 5  February 1962 at 8 AM EST.

Venus was in Aquarius:

22 January 1962 to 15 February 1962

Mercury was in Aquarius:

8 January  1962  to  4  April  1962(retrograde part of that time)

Sun was in Aquarius:

21 January 1962 to 20 February 1962

Moon was in Aquarius:

4 February 1962 to 6 February 1962 (in Pisces on 6 February)

When you think about it, this really is quite a lineup!                       Did   1962   really  usher  in  the  Age  of  Aquarius?  Maybe it’s why other people with this line-up tell me they feel they were born ahead of their times.

And why I often had so much trouble fitting in.

And why I often feel like the world’s oldest Indigo child.


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