Murphy’s Law in Full Effect

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Truth.

I was bored with food and tempted to skip lunch altogether, but I’d already been bored with breakfast  ideas and did skip the most important  meal of my day. So I wandered over to the Food Court and picked up the Special #1 to-go from the Chinese booth and headed back to the office so I’d have enough time to check email before rushing to my next meeting.

Life Coaching Tips

I’d barely opened my to-go box when I got called in to answer questions on a tasker I’m working for the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force’s speech in a few weeks. By the time I got back to my office, my egg roll was ice cold,  the  rice  was  gummy,   and  the   sweet-and-sour chicken didn’t look so sweet anymore.

And by that time, I had to run to my next appointment in  another  building. I had 5 minutes to eat. So I kicked off my shoes,  sipped a tall cup of watered-down Coke, and squashed my fortune cookie open—and lit up my email all at one instant.

Guess I took out a little too much aggression on the fortune cookie because half of it skittered across my desk. This is what happens when I clean off my desk—nothing to block fleeing food!

Great, I thought. There goes half my lunch.

But I plucked  my fortune  from  the remains  of the cookie on the desk and read it out loud: “You are a person of culture.”

Which is why the other half of my fortune cookie had fallen onto the floor and into my shoe.


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