Life (Purpose) Lessons

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Truth.

I’m learning.  My  mentor  has  reminded  me  several times now to look at my decisions from the standpoint of how they fit into my life purpose. Through our few sessions, I’ve come to realize that whenever  my decisions haven’t been aligned with my purpose,  I’ve had nothing but grief—emotionally,  financially,  and  socially.  At  the very least, such decisions  have been a terrible time sink, robbing me of the time to work  on things that did suit my life purpose.

Life Coaching Tips

But as I said, I’m learning. In fact, I’m reeeeeeeeeally

being tested right now, not with bad opportunities  but with great ones!

Because  of  that,  I  have  another  potential  business partner who’s  very frustrated with me right now. I hate that  she’s  taking  it  personally.  It’s  not  about  her.  Or about her great ideas. Or about business. It’s  about my life purpose and how her ideas fit in—or don’t.

Last night, I received an email from a woman in the publishing field. She had a business proposition  for me, one that—on the surface—seems  it would be financially successful and certainly—for  her—emotionally fulfilling. Her ideas were downright  exciting, and I could feel myself getting excited, too, picking up her energy and anticipation. Oh, I so wanted to say yes!

She needed a yes or no by the end of the week so that if I, by some  obscure  chance,  turned  her  down,  she’d have time to seek out a different partner. I already knew my answer, but I needed to sleep on it. I’ve been known to say no and regret it later, though my usual pattern is to say yes and regret it later.

I didn’t struggle long with my decision. I reviewed my

life purpose first:

The purpose of my life is to celebrate being different by connecting with  the energies around me and sharing my experiences with others.

For as exciting as her premise is and as much as I’d love to be a part of it, it has nothing to do with being different, let alone celebrating it. It has nothing to do with my connecting or sharing, nothing to do with my experiences. It’s good stuff, yes, and has a high spiritual vibration to it, but it’s not my purpose.

Which is why I stunned her this morning by saying no.


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