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“Have you noticed,” AngelSu asks me, “that your inner chatter has stopped?”

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I would have been shocked at her observation, except that I’d had  the  same epiphany earlier in the day. With this new sense of calm comes a lessening of the “voices.” Not “voices” exactly. For people who aren’t intuitive or aren’t  sensitive,  the  idea  of  “voices”  or  “noise”  or “chatter” is scary, straight-jacket  stuff. I’ve read that it’s very  common  among  people  with  ADHD,  among  us INFJ types, among writers and artists and musicians and other people with very active and creative minds. There’s always  something   going on in the background.  Always ideas  bubbling  up  to  the  surface,  even  when  we’re focused on something  else. It’s like having several TVs on different channels at once—we may be intent on one particular store but if the newscaster on the TV behind us says something interesting, we either vaguely register it or we  swivel  our  attention  to  the  newest  distraction.  So “voices” are really more just ideas surfacing or energetic connections popping in to say hello.

“Chatter” is a good description. It’s not like a distinct voice—just                 a cacophony  of energy signals  coming through to me, the human antennae. Sometimes it interferes with my sleep. It’s most prevalent when I’m highly attuned  spiritually   and  messages  are   trying  to  come through but can’t seem to find the right frequency and I can’t understand them clearly.

I didn’t notice how quiet my mind had gotten until things got briefly “chattery” in a meditation.  I addressed the chatter, things quieted,  and then I realized I hadn’t heard it in several weeks, with the exception of the insistence that I get a letter in the mail on a certain day before its recipient left the address. Otherwise, my sense of contentment with myself—with minor bursts of emotions to work through—has been pleasantly quiet.

“You’re getting a serene essence more than ever before,” AngelSu says.

Definitely. The chatter isn’t the same as my intuition, but there’s a relationship.  The intuition seems very clear, distinct. It’s like when my  boss comes to my door and says,  “Here’s  an emergency  about  to hit,  one that you need to tend to now.” The chatter is more like when the new supervisor on the other side of my wall has a female guest or two in  his office  and I can hear most of the words, the laughter, the yelling, the constant hum of discussion with occasional details about things I really don’t want to hear about.

“When things get chattery,” AngelSu suggests, “look to the core issue. The chatter is a healing opportunity.”

In reflection, I know she’s right in her assessment  of my inner chatter. I think the more content, more serene state I’m feeling (with  exceptions due to the fiscal yearend stress!) is because I’ve addressed so  many of those healing opportunities.

My “channels”  are getting  clearer  now, my connections stronger. Yesterday morning, in a 10-minute  meditation,  I  distinctly  felt a connection  with someone  and heard his  thoughts.  Yeah.  Definitely  a shock.  I wasn’t reaching out—he just popped into my mind. He was very focused on me, reaching out to me either consciously or subconsciously, wondering what I was up to and smiling about it. My mind was clear, for a change. The reception was sharp, and I heard and felt him very clearly.

Without the chatter causing me to tune out or question.

Sometimes I think my brain is just one giant radio— sometimes  a  rocking  good song,  sometimes  static,  and sometimes messages from my sponsor!


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