Energy Work: Winds of Change?

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Truth.

Be these the winds of change? I’m used to the unusual by now. I’ve become sensitive to certain energies, sensations, feelings. Every now and then, one surprises me.

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On the altar in my bedroom,  I keep an arrangement of  five  Tarot  cards  representing  specific  things  I  am manifesting. These are special cards to me. I like their design and meaning, and it’s easy to glance at them and immediately visualize what it is I desire.

After working with these cards in ritual and for a few weeks on my  altar,  they  have  an energy  all their  own. Even with every light out in the house at midnight, I can stumble past the cards and I feel the buzz of electricity in my fingertips  and I know exactly where to turn to navigate around the bed.

Then again, I’ve placed a Lemurian  crystal on top of the arrangement,  and Lemurian  crystals have a vibration like no  other  crystals I’ve  worked  with.  Not  even  the clearest quartz or my favorite  phantom quartz will buzz like these! Every time I walk past an altar  where  I have Lemurians, they almost reach out and zap me. I’ve never known any other stone or crystal quite so spectacular  in the way it either emits or focuses energy. They have the effect  of  an  amplifier.  And  this  is  a  big,  honking  Lemurian!

This morning, I walked past my bedroom altar. Okay, ran.  I’d  spent  too  much  time  looking  for  something smaller to wear (yay) and I was running late.

So I was running  past the altar when something just zapped me. I flung my left hand, my receptive hand, over the arrangement  of cards and crystal, just to bask in the energy and acknowledge  what’s manifesting as I ran out.

Then something stopped me cold. A breeze. A cool breeze. At least 10 or maybe even 20 degrees cooler than the rest of the room.

Odd, I thought.  Not odd that I feel energies and vibrations off inanimate but charged objects, but odd that I felt a draft over the left side of the arrangement, over two cards in particular that have very, very specific meanings to me.

I shook it off and started to resume my running out the door, but something made me go back to the altar. The arrangement is not the only thing on the surface— there are spires and taller objects, quite close by. The cool breeze seemed limited to the left side of the cards/crystal, and nowhere beyond the nearest spires. Like a pocket of cool air.

I squinted up at the ceiling vents. Too far, I thought, and angled wrong to pick up a breeze over here. Then I checked the vent up close and realized the air conditioner was off.

I closed various doors in the room, but the cool swirl of air remained. In one spot. Confined to the left side of the card/crystal arrangement.

Except for my own hot breath, no other air moved in the entire room…except  for this one spot of cool air no bigger than about 9 inches in diameter.

It didn’t extend to the right side of the crystal or beyond the  spires  to the altar’s edge or more than a foot above the cards. Again, it seemed focused on two cards in particular. I didn’t sense anything bad.  If  anything, it was rather pleasant.

But I am oh, so curious about these two cards and what’s going to happen next.


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