Eclipses, Earthquakes, and Heart Tremors

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Truth.

The two eclipses this month will bring in more surprises,  lots  of  unexpected  and  intense  events,  not  too unlike  what  we experienced  back  in  March  with  the eclipses then—both of which were rather  extreme endings  for  me.  Combine  that  with  the Year of  the  Dog (Chinese Astrology) and its emphasis on earth-related disasters (mining  accidents,  earthquakes,  etc) and we’re in some strange times.

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The Full Moon eclipse in Pisces on 7 September certainly did herald some heart shocks on my own homefront. For me, a Pisces, it seemed more related to my dad, dealing with anger over being manipulated and letting my anger out instead of holding it in. I’m not physically violent but my words are. It’s important not to ignore my darker emotions, try to pray them away, or apologize for feeling what I feel. What is ignored cannot be dealt with and released. Not releasing my  anger turns it unhealthy and into something  I don’t even recognize as anger. I’m much better at this now, but this is a particularly difficult dynamic for me that is often reflected in my fifth chakra and illnesses I feel there, so perhaps this is why my gag reflex has been extra sensitive  recently—both  physically and metaphorically.

For Shannon, also a Pisces, this eclipse was related to losing her friend and opening to a new awareness of her own heart  and  her  own  abilities.  But  for  both  of  us, events that mean some sort of endings and a release from the way things have been.

It’s said that the effects of this last eclipse will last until mid-to-late  October. The most intense period is usually for the three days after an  eclipse, which was when Florida experienced  a rare 6.0 earthquake.  I was  so focused on my issues with my parents that I didn’t even notice.

The  second  eclipse  of  the  month,  a  New  Moon eclipse in Virgo on 22 September,  promises  more unexpected happenings of the kind that might seem disastrous but help us to find a better future. It’s about new beginnings but  it may  seem  more  like  endings.  Then  again, something must end to have a new beginning.

This eclipse will be even more important because the effects will  last for 5 to 7 years. I wonder if I’ll know when these things happen. Sometimes,  I’ll expect something to happen at a particular  time and  nothing  does. Then it’s days or even months later that I’ll hear about an event taking place on the day I thought it would, only I didn’t know at the time.

But even if an event promises a new beginning, I’m always nervous.

If it’s the end of something special to me to make way for an unknown  new beginning,  then the very thought gives me heart tremors.

If it’s the end of something awful and a new beginning with something or someone special, that’s harder to fathom.

We fear loss of the familiar, even when it’s bad, and sometimes even when we know it’s bad.

But in any case, if eclipses “speed things up,” the calendar just got a little faster.


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